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Vancouver: The Telus Innovation Centre

Earlier this year I was in Vancouver for a city planning conference and stayed an extra day to pop by the Telus office and have lunch with a friend. I’ve been working with Telus since my days at Much/MTV Canada, about 8 years ago.¬† I’ve had the opportunity to do some really neat stuff like volunteering, videos, city adventures, and making friends. A couple years ago I helped them with some ideas to create their influencer program and it’s really grown into something awesome. Next month, they’re taking the ENTIRE GROUP of Canadian influencers (including me!) to their HQ in Vancouver. Telus Garden I was really stoked to visit this building. I remember when it started in 2012 and was opened in 2016. The Telus Garden building takes up an entire city block downtown Vancouver, totalling 1M sq ft. It has amazing energy saving features, a fantastic garden, and has…

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#ShareLove Pride 2018! Video + Parade w/ Telus!

A couple weeks ago I was invited to Telus Toronto to share some of my Pride memories. I’ve been going to the parade since I was a teenager. Dad took my sister for our first time when we were in high school. It’s been a place for positive self-expression, to celebrate, to join friends for their first Pride after coming out, or to remember friends who have past. Every year we get together to share love, joy, and friendship while dancing in the street together. Pride is an opportunity to #ShareLove and inspire LGBTQ+ youth. Watch how Pride has impacted the lives of those from the LGTBQ+ community. pic.twitter.com/JUFwaVe8S9 ‚ÄĒ TELUS (@TELUS) June 20, 2018 Thank¬†you, Telus for having me in to share what PRIDE means to me. I am so proud and glad to work with a company that supports diversity, LGBTQ, and gives back in communities across the…

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Go Ahead, Use Your Phone! Telus Has Easy Roam!

Even though I was really glad to be home from New Zealand, I would LOVE to be back there on the beach right¬†now. This winter seems never-ending and I even missed a month of it! While I was away I didn’t¬†miss a beat posting things to the internet. For three weeks I used Google maps as my navigator, Stories, Twitter, and Facebook to share photos, and was able to stay on to of emails. ¬† A few people asked about my phone data usage and what plan I had. If you have ever travelled overseas, the phone/data situation can be stressful and very expensive. That was, until now! ūü§© Telus has a great add-on called Easy Roam where for you can use your phone’s regular data plan in over 100 countries.¬†If you’re in the USA, Easy Roam is $7/day and capped at $100 per billing cycle.¬†For international destinations, like New…

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#MillionHours + #TelusCelebrates + New iPhone!

Last week I attended an event at Telus HQ in Toronto to celebrate how they’re creating change in communities across Canada. Telus is unleashing the power of the internet and mobilizing people around the world to donate an hour of their time to collectively donate a MILLION HOURS this year for Canada 150. As a company, Telus is working with partners and local business leaders to make the future friendly. They’re collectively dealing with crisis, addressing social issues, and building a brighter future for Canadians. They’ve created Telus community boards for community giving with 13 boards across Canada and 5 globally. In 2016, Telus gave out $6M in charitable grants & 600 projects in Canada. Earlier this year, Telus made a donation in my name a charity of my¬†choice. I picked SKETCH, a Toronto arts-based charity that helps youth and the donation went towards their new Media Arts program. I’m…

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Amazing Use of VR: #AllConnected by @Telus

Sean sent me this today and I couldn’t’ help but tear a but a bit watching it. I love how Telus uses VR to bring this family together. It’s up there as one of the best uses of VR I’ve seen so far. It’s truly¬†amazing what technology can do to bring people closer together. I’ve been working with Telus as a partner since 2009 and over the years I’ve joined forces to do some great things in our community. I really love how working with Telus feels more like working with friends or family, not just a large mobile phone carrier. I’ve been able to build relationships with people that work there and other #TeamTelus members. They’re committed to making a difference across the country in communities, with technology, and for the environment. On World Environment Day last month, I attended¬†Telus Talks: Our Planet. Our Future at the Toronto HQ…

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Cottage Life & Having a Strong (Mobile) Network – Telus Love!

As you are welllll aware I spend heaps of time at the cottage over the summer.¬†One thing our whole cottage crew knows is that I have the best internet. I’ve been with Telus for a looooong time and their mobile network is seriously amazing. When we’re driving along Southwood Road there’s a few spots where service drops, but not for me. We always use my phone to stream music from because my network¬†literally, never misses a beat. ūüėõūüéß When we’re on the dock, it’s common for people on ‘other’ carriers to lose signal or miss calls. Not me!¬†ūüôÖūüŹľ I’m always popping on my WIFI hotspot to offer our guests uninterrupted scrolling. We’ve even given my number as a phone¬†contact since¬†I’m on Canada/Ontario‚Äôs largest 4G LTE network. Wondering about coverage in your area? Check out the Telus interactive coverage map HERE. Below¬†is a screenshot of Muskoka, all purple means 4G LTE…

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I Got 3D Scanned by Telus at Sherway Gardens, it was COOL.

Been to¬†a Telus store lately? They’ve got heaps of new tech and accessories, you can find a Fitbit (I have the Alta!), pick up a Nest for home, treat yourself to wireless headphones, and all kinds of other great¬†accessories. I mentioned a few of mine of the holidays here. Well, ¬†in their constant pursuit of innovation they’ve set up¬†a 3D scanning booth setup outside the Telus store at Sherway Gardens. You can pop by and get yourself scanned! Telus will send you a digital avatar you can control with an emoji¬†keyboard.¬†I went to test it out IRL and broadcast my session on Facebook Live. Sherway Gardens is a hella nice mall btw, whoa. It’s been ages since I went there. PRESS PLAY TO WATCH THE VIDEO ūüĎáūüŹľ   Getting 3D scanned w/ Telus hiiiiiii Posted by Casie Stewart on Friday, February 3, 2017 I love working with Telus bc they’re…

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My Fav Tech Gifts from the 2016 Telus Holiday Guide

Christmas is just over a week away and there’s a good chance you still have few people on your nice list (including yourself!). ūüéÖūüŹĹ Telus has a ton of amazing gifts you can buy online or from one of their interactive stores across Canada. You’ve gotta check out the Eaton Centre store in Toronto if you haven’t yet, theres heaps of things for your home, travel, audio, AND toys, aside from phone stuff. Last year I got a Nest thermostat, amazing JBL speaker, great USB cables, and a MIP robot for the child. Here’s a few of MY FAVS from the 2016 Telus Gift Guide. These are all things I’ve gifted or been given in the last year – Fitbit, Instax camera, BB8, and the PureGear Metallic Cable. BB8 Sphero Robot – $189.99 Last weekend I surprised Embot with a tiny little BB8 Droit. She loves Star Wars and robots. BB8 comes with a stand for…

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Travel | Walking Wynwood w/ New iPhone 7 Plus from Telus

On my travels last month I was in Miami for a short visit so I took a tour of the¬†Wynwood Art District. I’ve been dying to go there¬†and check out the walls. Telus hooked me up with with the new iPhone 7 Plus before my trip to the Florida Keys so I left my DSLR at home and went iPhone only. Telus has been rated the BEST National Carrier for iPhone and has ¬†a variety of plans avail to make sure you get the phone you want. You might be looking to upgrade after all my travel photos! For info about the iPhone 7 Plus or awesome features of iOS 10, visit telus.com. TBH this phone camera is the absolute BEST I’ve ever had. I strolled around Wynwood¬†for about¬†hour taking photos of walls, doors, various alleys, and art in alleys. When I got to the airport I edited them all…

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Meet The 2016/2017 Team TELUS Advocates (waves hi!)

I first met with Telus PR in 2009, since we’ve done some amazing things together. Back then, ‘influencer marketing’ was something for celebrities (Paris, Britney, Beyonce) and I was still working at Much/MTV. Since then, Telus and I have done some really fun things together like mobile¬†updates from around¬†the world, scaling¬†a building, building¬†a garden,¬†and donating¬†to charities. Last year, TELUS created #TeamTelus Advocates, an official group of influencers across Canada to help them spread Telus vibes across the country through community involvement, sharing experiences, and talking about tech. I’m happy to share I’m on the 2016/17 team w/¬†a bunch of great¬†Canadians! I’ve got a few stories planned over the next couple months including getting my dad set up his first¬†android, travel packages (I’m away most of October!!) AND MY NEW iPHONE 7+!¬†OMG, I can’t wait to get my new phone and take that camera on adventures. Check out some of the…

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Telus + Mother’s Day: What’s The Best Mother’s Day Present Ever?

This post was original written last year and we did a giveaway. In honour of Mother’s Day this year I wanted to share it again because I love the video so much! Mother’s Day is always a super special day for both my mum and I because I was born on Mother’s Day! What a great gift! haha. No, in all seriousness, I’m mum’s first born and there was some complications during my birth where she nearly died. Thank heavens we both made it, she’s the biggest inspiration in my life and I am so thankful for her.¬†ILU MUM. ūüíĖ

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Events | WeDay 2015 w/ Team Telus Advocates

On Thursday last week Emily and I got up realllllly early and drove down to the ACC to see the red carpet for WeDay with the Team Telus Advocates. I’m pretty sure it was her first time attending a red carpet.¬†She did however, do her first live hit on TV and was seen on Breakfast Television by people across Canada. I’m teaching her the ways of the media early! Don’t mind the pixelated photo and my windy hair.¬† The ACC was filled with about 40K people, mostly students, there to kick off 365 days of making the world a better place. It was a bit overwhelming but¬†totally inspiring. Loved seeing all the¬†performers and speakers including¬†Hozier, Nick Jonas, and Shawn Mendes,¬†Rookie Mag editor-in-chief Tavi Gevinson (LOVE HER) and social change activist Tonika Morgan. It was great spending the day with this group of ladies from the Team Telus Advocates. Having a…

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TELUS Day of Giving + Make-A-Wish, Rope for Hope

I took part in a Telus Day of Giving Event with¬†#TeamTelus¬†crew for¬†Make-A-Wish¬ģ Rope for Hope.¬†We rappelled down Toronto City Hall! ¬† I’ve done some rock climbing and adventure things like¬†The Edgewalk,¬†zipline, and¬†sky diving¬†but this was FULL ON. AND DOWNTOWN TORONTO! All money raised by¬†Make-A-Wish¬ģ¬†Rope for Hope¬†rappellers goes to granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. ¬† It was really fun. I’m not really one for team sports but I love adventure things like this! It was a litte scary going over the edge but once I started going down it was easy. It took about 10min to go down the entire building. To learn more about¬†Telus Day of Giving¬†and other charitable initiatives through the company, click¬†here¬†or on these cute little animals. HUZZAHHHHHHHHHHH! <3 CASIE  

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Protecting Canada’s Wildlife w/ Telus #ShopWildly

What do trees, burrowing & short eared owls, polar & grizzly bears, beluga whale, and the Monarch butterfly all have in common? Besides being endangered special in Canada, they’re some of the animals Telus is helping to save. They’re also the ones I donated to! Over the next 5 years Telus is giving $5 million to protect our wildlife.¬†They sent me on a wild shopping spree with $1,000 and I spent it on a ¬†few of my fav Canadian animals and trees.¬†My¬†purchases are going towards protecting our Canadian animals and their habitats, ensuring that wildlife in Canada can stay wild long into the future. Last year as a gift, Telus¬†adopted a Giant Panda from the WWF in my name. I’ve been with Telus for as long as I can remember. My first ever cellphone was with them ages ago when they were Clearnet. ¬† Show your love for Canadian wildlife…

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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