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Some of my favourite tech things right now for SPRING.

This is Sacha (above) and we work together on Telus. I’ve been partnered¬†with the Telus team since 2009, my longest relationship! Working together¬†has brought us closer as friends and every time we meet to ‘work‘ it hardly feels like we’re doing¬†a ‘job’. I’m smiling as I write this thinking of all the LOLs we had last week at the Eaton Centre Telus Store. Don’t know¬†if you’ve been in a Telus store recently¬†but there’s HEAPS of home, audio, fitness, and fashion tech, aside from phones. I cruised the store picking out some tech things I love, to share with you. Here’s a few of my favourites right now and why I love them. JBL Clip 2 – Travel & Party On with This Loud Lil’ Thing I was sent to CES (Consumer electronics Show, Vegas) in January with Harman, the parent company of JBL. This little speaker packs major power and…

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I promise to write more.

I promise to write more. I promise to write more. I promise I will write more. I will write more. I promise to write. More, more, more.  I promise to write more about things.  I promise to write more stories. I promise to write more often. I promise I will write more. I promise to write more random stories. I will write more. I will write more stories. More. More everything. I promise to write about more things. I promise to write more.  I promise to write more. I promise to write more. I promise I will write more. I promise to write. I promise to write more often. I promise to write more posts about everything. I promise to write more about my life. I promise to write about more things that bother me. I promise to write more feelings down. I promise to write more about funny things that happen. I promise to write more about my work. I promise to write about more.  I promise to write more. I promise to write more. I…

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Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow

Yesterday was full on. By 4pm I was back at the 1188 office and would have killed for a nap. I had 3 things earlier in the day, a call about a new project, then had to pick up Em form daycare, help her w/ homework, and make sure all was cool w/ sitter, and head back to work. I really love what I do but some days it’s super exhausting. Working for yourself has perks but being the face of the brand, writer, editor, admin, finance, marketing,  agent, and accounts receivable can take a lot out out of you. I’m only one woman! Add on step-mama to an 8 year old and partner to an entrepreneur, tbh I get damn tired. Although yesterday was tiring, it was really great. Arrived at the 1188 office w/ Sean early to help out. Then went to the ReThink Breast Cancer breakfast. I’d done a…

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It’s Always Summer In My Heart

Last Week of Summer? Doesn’tFeel Like It! Today is SO HOT OMG. I’m wearing shorts and t-shirt and feeling so happy. We had a great weekend at the cottage. It was just Sean and I for a few days. Lots of relaxing, naps, great food, laughs.¬†I love the VIEWS but something else I really love about the cottage is the drive up together and driving long, winding country roads. There’s something so magical about it, laughing together, singing old songs.¬† The leaves are just starting to change¬†and I said ‘I LOVE IT THIS TIME OF YEAR’, his reply? YOU LOVE IT ALL TIMES OF THE YEAR! It’s true, I really do. Each season and type of weather has it’s beauty. Today I’ve got an afternoon with TELUS to meet with 2016/2017 Team TELUS¬†Advocates. I wrote about that here. They sent a welcome package last week with the INSTAX printer! I…

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Cottage Open, Spring is Finally Here! 

Had a great time at the cottage this weekend. The weather was fabulous! Spent some time reading my book in the sun yesterday between yard work. ¬†There are heaps of leaves to rake, gardening, cleaning, etc. Check my Snapchat story HERE for videos and the wonderful sounds of nature ūüėä

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Travel | CO/NNECTED: Tech Travel Must Haves

I wrote about a few of my fav things, read it on The Co.¬†here. I’ve got a few items¬†I don’t leave the house¬†without, this stuff is in my¬†bag for work and long trips.¬† Gadgets & tech¬†for a¬†worldly¬†adventure or a weekend getaway. The Co‚Äôs travel and tech expert Casie Stewart shares the ultimate globe trotter‚Äôs guide to staying connected while abroad. [Read more] PureGear braided Apple¬† Belkin BOOST‚ÜĎUP‚ĄĘ¬†adapter This is Ground Cord Taco, Fitzy Cord Keeper Happy Plugs,¬†Telus Rudsak Clutch Other things I never leave home without? Burt’s Bees original, a Sharpie, and a great pair of sunnies. Happy to share any other fag gadgets or travel apps. If you’ve got a question or something to share, leave a comment¬†or tweet me @casiestewart. Wishing you safe & happy travels!  

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Holiday Mode

This time is year is so hectic, ahhhhh! Lots of running around from now¬†till Friday! Today mum is coming down to help me with some office elfing, aka getting presents ready and delivering¬†to clients. This weekend at home was so nice, a great start to holiday mode. With Christmas on a Friday this year, I think it’ll be easier to really take some time to relax. I’m totally in in love with these little sweaters Telus¬†sent over to help get into official #HolidayMode. The entire campaign is great. [vine id=”imeeM6z0dHx”] Do you know a tablet Dad? [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/R37Cx8QwDtg”] I probably spend the most time on my gadgets around my family but this holiday season, my goal is to spend less time staring at my phone and more face-time with the ones I love. I like¬†putting on the (digital) fireplace, reading a book, or simply relaxing on the couch and staring…

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Friday, I’m In Love – Holiday Style!

I absolutely¬†love this. One of my fav songs since I lived in Australia 10 years ago. Heart warming to see this big group singing amongst¬†the lights of¬†the Toronto Christmas Market. I’ve not gone by there yet but plan to pop by next week during the day. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/LvUnBEA7_ZI”] Something cool about this vid and another reason I wanted to share… To perform Friday I‚Äôm in Love, they¬†required permission from Robert Smith of The Cure. After he watched a short clip they sent him,¬†he loved it SO MUCH¬†he asked them to¬†donate the licensing fee to¬†charity. Together, Koodo &¬†Choir! Choir! Choir!¬†(80 choir¬†singers in TO) ¬†are¬†donating that fee towards sponsoring a Syrian¬†refugee family. ALL THE FEELS. I love it. In other news, I went to the Koodo office during my last Telus visit and it’s full of bright colours and smiles. Happy Friday, spread that¬†holiday cheer!¬†  

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This Is My Life | Cyberbullying

Putting yourself¬†out there on¬†the internet or *IRL takes a lot of courage. Having a blog opens you up for all kinds of criticism, haterade, or anonymous¬†comments. My world, the one I’ve created online, is pretty positive, but I’ve had my share of cyberbullying. Telus has an award winning Canadian¬†program about how to protect you and your family online. They offer online info and offline info like in-person training sessions for business customers and their fams. Thanks for this @TELUS! #TelusWise pic.twitter.com/uIpjxQArfZ — CASiE STEWART (@casiestewart) August 20, 2015 Telus is one of my longest standing relationships and this program is one of the reasons I love them. Not to mention the owl for this campaign. I¬†like owls. I’ve had more than one stalker over the years and had to contact the police several times about something internet related. I don’t share this stuff often¬†because it’s hard to talk about. There’s…

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This Is My Life | Photoshoot w/ Motorola = #Motoshoot!

Last night I popped over to the East end for a shoot with Motorola inside the studios at 388 Carlaw. A bunch of bloggers & Toronto influencers were welcomed to try on the new Moto 360 watch and get shot by none other than legendary fashion & celebrity photogrpaher Mike Ruiz. ¬†Who is a totally hot babe btw! Nothing quite like bright lights and a famous photog to spice up an otherwise rainy day. The night was hosted by She Does the City and the set was super fun with vibrant colours and shiny balloons. It got reallllll cute tonight! ūüéÄūüćŅūüć≠ūüíĖ Was neat to be shot by legendary photographer @mikeruizone. Thanks @motorolacanada & @shedoesthecity for the fun + goodies! #motoshoot #moto360 #fbloggers A photo posted by C A S I E S T E W A R T (@casiestewart) on Oct 28, 2015 at 6:14pm PDT Mr. Ruiz was shooting…

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4 Companies Offering Great Customer Service

One of the things I really love about Telus is their commitment¬†to customer service. They feel great customer service starts from the ground up and they’ve made a commitment to telling Canadians they need to Expect More from their telcom providers. Today I’m sharing a couple other great customer experience stories from other companies putting customers first. Little Burgundy¬†– Broken Boots Near the end of summer I purchased a killer pair of boots designed by Jeffrey Campbell from littleburgundyshoes.com. I’ve been wearing them¬†regularly¬†but recently the cool cut-out heels broke. ¬† I didn’t want get stuck on the phone ringing customer service so I sent a tweet with some photos to @LittleBurgundy and they replied within about 30 minutes. It took about 5 min to fin d a new pair of booth in store and the return was easy. I really love when a company is socially connect and able to…

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This Is My Life | Yesterday Felt Like a Day and a Half

Yesterday was an action packed day that started with me picking up this beautiful¬†new pink iPhone 6s. THANK you Telus! I was due to get a new phone and my old iPhone 6 has been cracked for at LEAST a month. I’ve been using my new Samsung tablet heaps for drawing lately and totally love it. Spent a couple hours at the office before heading to Roy Thompson Hall for a private sit down with with the Indigo Girls. This was the first in a new series of events called HALLer w/ eOne Music and Roy Thompson Hall & Massey Hall. It was pretty rad! How do you even find words for a moment like this? @Indigo_Girls up close @roythomsonhall #HALLer pic.twitter.com/0eFgF1Efk6 — Louise Gleeson (@louisegleeson) October 21, 2015 Next was a SS16 fashion preview with Swarovski at the Four Seasons then a foodie event with Elle Cuisine catering. ¬†This…

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SiriusXM’s Canada Laughs & The Todd Show¬†Shapiro Show

Hola! Man, ¬†it is HOT¬†today. I was out and about, stopped by a cafe in Liberty Village to a¬†break¬†from the heat. I love this weather¬†but when you need to get around the city and you’re carrying things and sweating ¬†and dripping, you just wanna go home/jump in a lake/pool/cold shower. Yesterday I was back at SiriusXM on¬†the Todd Shapiro Show. You can download the podcast in iTunes or listen here¬†(yesterday’s ep will be up tomorrow). Heading back to the SiriusXM studio now for today’s show. I’m not sure who guests are but it will without a doubt, be funny, Brian @redban is live on #SiriusXM 168 with @iamToddyTickles @RoddyColmer @Boomer_Phillips & @casiestewart. @canadalaughs ‚ÄĒ Todd Shapiro Show (@ToddShapiroShow) August 18, 2015 Baby love me cause I’m playing on the radio…   Met with Telus today to go over events and things for the next few months. Lots coming up! Excited…

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After 5 Years, We’re Taking Our Relationship Next Level…

It’s with great pride I announce my official Ambassadorship with Telus!¬† Over the past five years I’ve worked with Telus on a number of things (see here) and they’ve helped me out with service, covered roaming, and been there every single¬†time I’ve lost/destroyed my phone. ¬†This week they announced #TeamTelus, 15 hand selected bloggers from across the country. “The Team TELUS line up stars 15 awesome, interesting, smart, creative, down-to-earth, caring and stylish personalities from across the country. To recognize Team TELUS for their support, we are providing them with mobile (and in B.C. and Alberta, Optik TV) service, devices, VIP access to events and reader giveaways.” Read more about TeamTelus here and get to know the rest of the group! Tonight we’re all celebrating our awesomeness at TELUS HQ in Toronto. Earlier today a couple of my Telus peeps showed up with a HUGE box of goodies to welcome…

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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