Oscars, Awkwards, My Fav Dresses, & Behind the Scenes

Watch the awards last night? They seemed to go on forever! I’m glad, along with the entire internet that Leo finally won. There were some totally WTF moments, Stacey Dash, those three Asian kids? I know people are upset about the lack of black nominees but I wasn’t expecting the ENTIRE show and all the commentary to be about it. I don’t find Chris Rock to be that funny. Everything that came out of his mouth was about race, everything! Jokes about Will & Jada were mean, the ‘black bloke from Star Wars — Darth Vader’, using those kids as a  joke was rude.

The show used to be so much fun and last night, everything was SO political. Then, you have these crusty people who didn’t even clap for a winner.

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In other news, my friend Joey Salmingo was on the red carpet for E!. It was so neat to follow along his behind the scenes, oh y’know, hanging out with Ryan Seacrest and all.

My friend Kelsey was a producer on ‘Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah’ that was nominated for Best Documentary Short along with Adam Benzine. She was so excited and looked absolutely beautiful on that red carpet. It was neat to see photos of the stage from her seats while watching at home on my own couch. 

Red carpet press line selfie #oscar2016

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Following adventures of people I know was more exciting to me that watching the show. I felt it dragged on and made me feel uncomfortable several times. Following along on Twitter was once again, the best commentary. Shoutouts to Toronto and New Zealand who both got mentions as well. 🙂

These are my fav looks from the red carpet. I absolutely love Alicia Vikander, she can do no wrong that woman!

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U P D A T E: I  W O N !

Thank you for voting for me and supporting me all these years. You, the internet have been here the last 10 years like no one single human could ever be. For that, I am forever grateful and give gratitude.

It’s crazy awesome to win an award for something that didn’t even EXIST a decade ago. Thank you. Don’t ever doubt yourself, you CAN make magic happen, you have to believe in yourself.


Something exciting happened yesterday! I’m a finalist in the Academy Social Awards celebrating social media innovators in Canada. The awards are hosted by The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, the Canadian version of The Academy in LA that does the Oscars. Oh hello! This wasn’t even on my radar, especially after being sick and going non-stop with travel and work. This award is celebrates pioneers in the industry, this year marks 11 years of my blog.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.03.29 AM

Winner’s of the 2016 #AcademySOCIAL will be announced live at the event on March 10th 2016. #AcademySocial​ will shine a light on the incredible talent and achievements made by social and digital media innovators. More in the video below. 

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Don’t forget to VOTE. You can vote daily but that’s only if you want to remember.  Thank you for following along all these years, I’m planning some great stuff for 2016!


Artventure 🎨 Artist Project + Winter Stations 😎

This weekend was relaxing and cleansing.  Yesterday Sean helped me deal with my room sized closet of disaster hoarding (let’s get real here!) and it was therapeutic. I can’t believe how much crap I was holding onto. Including clothes, we removed about 15 garbage bags from the house. I feel so much lighter.  I’d left a ton of things undone and unpacked, they started piling up. I didn’t foresee everything going as calmly as it did but it was truly wonderful to have someone you love say ‘we need to do this’ and help. I’m still fighting a cold but overall my head feels more clear than it has for a while. A messy room makes for a messy head, being clutter free opens the mind.

On Saturday I took Em to The Artist project. Art is her best subject and a fav of mine, so we set off an an artventure exploring. Lots of neat stuff to see. I was there on Thursday night for the opening party and we picked up a few pieces for the house.

Next we went to the Winter Stations in the Beaches and hung out with my sister. It was really nice to be outside, in the sun getting fresh air. The stations are around till March so there’s plenty of time to visit.

Was really quite hoping the warmer temperatures would stick around a bit longer but it looks like we’re getting a cold spell this week. Thursday night is the ‘Muskoka Bound’ cottage life theme dinner at Lisa Marie with U-Feast. I can’t wait, been thinking about those ribs since I had them a week ago. There’s only a few tickets left, get one here.

Here’s hoping your Monday is off to a great start. I’m heading to an important meeting with myself, a much needed manicure. 🙂

With love,casie_pinkheart



Recharge Those Batteries, Girl

This week has been a rough one. I’ve been fighting a cold all week and spent 3/5 days mostly in bed. Hopefully I’ll kick this cold sooner than later! The first 6 weeks of the year were non-stop go-go-go and I reckon I’m totally tuckered. 
Planning to catch up on some blogging and binge Netflix till Monday. 



On Thursday night next week I’m hosting a dinner at Lisa Marie on Queen Street with Chef Matt Basile. Our Muskoka Bound theme is about #cottagelife and For $60 you get food, drinks, and a fun night, tip is also included. U-Feast events typically sell out, so get a ticket now! The menu is incredible. I stopped into Lisa Marie last week to taste a few items and I’ve been thinking about them since.


Read Matt’s Interview in NOW Magazine 

“On February 25, you can witness another side of the in-demand chef at U-Feast’s Muskoka Bound at the restaurant. Hosted by blogger and woman-about-town Casie Stewart, the night aims to channel the pleasures of cottage life through a culinary feast, complete with deck chairs and camp gear. Revel in cottage country-inspired indulgences such as crispy fried chicken, steak and guac tacos, chimichurri corn, sweet and sticky ribs and a s’mores dip for dessert – not to mention a welcome cocktail and beers.” Read the full interview.


⬇︎ Muskoka Bound Dinner Menu at Lisa Marie

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Fashion | WILDFOX Fairytale Collection Launch

The other day I hosted a party at the Toronto WILDFOX shop w/ HIGH STREET fashion. We had champagne, a candy bar, onsite fashion illustrations, and a great DJ. The night was celebrating the launch of the WILDFOX Fairytale collection 2016.

I was a huge fan of the brand years ago and it’s nice to see the latest is still totally up my alley. A nice mix of mermaid/fairytale fun with a side of rock n’ roll.

Here’s some of my fav photos from the night. All pix by Pedro Marques unless otherwise noted. See more at #wildfoxinthe6ix on Instagram or Twitter.

Thanks everyone who came by! The new collection is now in store and online. I’ve got my eye on a few summer items. Can’t wait for cottage season!



The hostess with the mostest @casiestewart & I last week at the @wildfoxcouture @highstreetfs 

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Travel | CO/NNECTED: Tech Travel Must Haves

I wrote about a few of my fav things, read it on The Co. here. I’ve got a few items I don’t leave the house without, this stuff is in my bag for work and long trips.  Gadgets & tech for a worldly adventure or a weekend getaway.

The Co’s travel and tech expert Casie Stewart shares the ultimate globe trotter’s guide to staying connected while abroad.
[Read more]

  1. PureGear braided Apple 
  2. Belkin BOOST↑UP™ adapter
  3. This is Ground Cord Taco, Fitzy Cord Keeper
  4. Happy Plugs, Telus
  5. Rudsak Clutch


Other things I never leave home without? Burt’s Bees original, a Sharpie, and a great pair of sunnies. Happy to share any other fag gadgets or travel apps. If you’ve got a question or something to share, leave a comment or tweet me @casiestewart.

Wishing you safe & happy travels!

casie_signature_xo1 casie_pinkheart



Travel | Win a Trip for 2 to Cabo w/ Sunwing & Los Cabos Tourism

I bet the beach sounds preeeeeeety good right now. This weekend Toronto is looking at some really cold temperatures, -15 to be exact. So, perfect time to daydream about being on a beach like I was a couple weeks ago.

Los Cabos Tourism and Sunwing Vacations sent a bunch of influencers to Cabo, there we documented our adventures, in food, fun, and nightlife.

Watch the video below and visit cabonow.ca to win a trip for two to Cabo! I wish you all good luck, you’ll love it!

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/BochC2jstCA”]

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Life | Spring in February, I’ll Take It! 

Oh man yesterday was such a lovely day. I was  out for a walk in the sun, added some pink to my hair,  greeted the day with a smile. My Lumee Case arrived for iPhone, think ring light x phone case, it’s awesome. Upping my selfie game!

Last night I hosted an event at WILDFOX for the launch of the fairytale collection. Today I have a photoshoot but am feeling a bit under the weather.

Been a bit slack on blog stories this week but have still been updating all things social. Daily stories on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Randomness on tumblr & Pinterest.

This weekend I’m working on the finishing touches for a talk I’m doing in Ottawa next wee. I know it’s Thursday but I’m ready for the weekend to start now.

Hope things are going your way 🙂


Valentines Day | Do You Have Kissability?

It’s Valentine’s Day and I know it’s cheezy, but I love it all! 💘 Hearts on everything, love in the air, planning secret things for someone you love. I sent Sean a V-Day gift on Tuesday because I couldn’t wait till the weekend. Show love all year, right? According to the latest Emervel Kissability Report, Canadians are a pretty kissable bunch. Raise your hand if you’ve kissed a Canadian? I know I have! 💋🇨🇦

80% of Canadians rated their last kissing partner as “very or somewhat kissable,” and respondents said they lock lips with their partner about three times a day on average. I can tell you, I kiss his beard as much as I can, I just can’t help myself! Scroll for some interesting stats about kissing and making those lips more kissable.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.29.24 PM

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Interview | The Noteworthys – BTS with a Blogger Extraordinaire

I was recently interviewed for thenoteworthys.co, a Canadian site you’ll find a carefully curated collection of unique, high-quality, often hand-made items by emerging designers. They love to take you behind the scenes (BTS) to learn about inspiration and workmanship behind designers they feature. They also like to feature people like ME.

Being ‘Noteworthy’ means following your passion in creating a life you love living. Now THAT is something I am totally down with! I can agree, being Noteworthy “ means taking a leap to of faith to follow your dreams.

casiestewart, the noteworthys, interview, canadian, blogger, top blogger

They asked, what does Noteworthy mean to me? Read the full interview here and see my top 5 picks from the store below.

casiestewart, the noteworthys, interview, canadian, blogger, top blogger

Top 5 Noteworthy Must-Haves 

1)  Crystal Crop Top. Looking good Misty Fox!

2)  Leather Envelope Clutch (Large). Perfect for a digital girl on the go!

3)  Robin Waxed Tan Jacket. Love this + matching shirt = A+

4)  Polka Dot French Bowtie. I need this! 

5)  Karoo Oxford Dress. Adorable!



Media | Interview on DaniPress

I sat down with the lovely Dani, traveller, photographer, dreamer, and owner or DaniPress. We chatted about life, work, and some of our adventures. I was instantly in love, she’s cool, funny, and a smart entrepreneur.  Her #10witha10  series features people doing cool things, a snap with an instant camera, and 10 questions about work/life.

Read the interview here. 

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.”
Benjamin Franklin

Check out DaniPress.