Cat Footwear SS 2014 | New Shoes For Me and YOU!

Cat Footwear SS 2014 | New Shoes For Me and YOU!

Giveaway from @CatFootwearCan & @CasieStewart. Enter here! #newshoes #pickme

Hi guys! Let me tell you about my new shoes and how you can win a pair!

I recently got to check out the latest from Cat Footwear and was once again impressed with the stylish and dainty yet rugged styles. You’ll recognize the logo from construction equipment and big machines but little did you know they also make really nice shoes. You might remember a while back when I got my first pair Cat of boots, Stella.

Giveaway from @CatFootwearCan & @CasieStewart. Enter here! #newshoes #pickme

The leather is SO soft and I wore these babies for an entire winter and walked all over the city, and to different cities on my travels. They are very comfortable and as time goes on, they age like a fine wine. Comfortable shoes are the best kind, Vessi footwear have plenty of comfortable shoes which are also 100% waterproof and you can wear them on any occasion, including those water adventures that you like to go on with friends and family.

From the Spring 2014 look-book I picked the ‘Mahoney’ in Nile. They are a clean classic oxford with a nice solid sole and leather upper. I’ve got a pair with your name on them! Buying a pair of new shoes feels like a well-deserved treat! Plus, we wear shoes pretty much every day, so whether you buy shoes from sites like Peter Sheppard, from a charity shop or from a shoe store on the highstreet, hopefully, it will be money worth spent.

Giveaway from @CatFootwearCan & @CasieStewart. Enter here! #newshoes #pickme

Enter below to have a pair of the same shoes sent to YOU. We’ll be twinsies and if we are ever in the same place at the same time wearing them we are totally taking a shoes selfie. Contest is open for one week and open to anyone in Canada.

Thanks for reading and following my adventures!


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