Cat Daddy! Stella Boots from CAT Footwear

I tried to make a cat daddy GIF to go with this post but  failed ok. FAILED! I know there’s a photocopier in this one but the sun is so lovely at my desk when I arrive early.

These are my new boots from CAT footwear. TBH I had no idea they made stylish girl boots and when I recieved the email to pick a pair, I was instantly in love. The Stella, leather boot is available in black or brown for $249.99. There’s a few nice styles online at Thank you CAT for sending, feeling the love!

Check out CAT on Facebook/Pinterest here. I’m into this Earthmovers campaign they have goin’on.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. I just stopped into Dark Horse Cafe on Queen for a sandwich & coffee in the sun. It’s beautiful out!


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