Let it Bloom: September

Let it bloom #september #jasminedowling

It’s been such a wonderful weekend. I woke up at the crack of dawn feeling excited about life and the week to come. Took some time to sit on the dock and think about good intentions for the month. September is always one of my favourites.

For my New Zealand (Kiwi) family and friends in Australia it’s the start of spring and always inspiring to see their posts about things in bloom and seasons changing.  I like to keep that in mind when I think about September, there’s heaps of energy in the air with back to work and back to school.

Remember, things are always in bloom!




Words Illustration via Jasmine Dowling


There is Such a Thing as Too Much Nature

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Nature

And I discovered it it this weekend. Once again, I was attached by bugs. One little jerk even bit me on the eyelid and not it looks like somebody socked me one in the face.

We had a relaxing time at the cottage with Sean’s parents, great dinners, and lovely weather. Next weekend is Field Trip so I’ll be staying in the city. Mum just informed me that if you take lots of B12 they won’t bite. Good thing I know that now for the rest of the summer!


I’m really behind on blogging but it was SO NICE OUT this weekend I couldn’t bring myself to stay inside and do work. I’ve got a bunch of things to share this week! Stay tuned 🙂


If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to THIS IS MY LIFE and get a nice little email delivery when I update. Each email includes 4-5 blog posts and is send once a week. I have spent a lot of time working on these emails, so I hope you enjoy. For any newbie bloggers out there looking for an email service provider, you might want to take a look at PieSync (the Mailgun vs Sendgrid blog post is particularly useful). It has certainly helped me. Here’s to a great week!


Suffer for Your Art | Sunset Canoe Ride

Last night we went for a romantic sunset canoe ride. It was so incredibly beautiful. Took these with my GoPro. Jumped in the lake before calling it a night. It’s so great to be back up at the cottage. The weather this weekend was pretty nice except the bugs were HORRIBLE. I really ‘suffered for my art’ as Sean calls it because I got about 20 nasty bites while on the canoe ride. Mostly on my bum! The little buggers got me right through my Lululemon pants!

This week is gonna be great! Today is the warmest day of the year. We’re about to launch some AWESOME stuff at work and today I’ve got a NXNE site visit for our festival sponsorship. The Jays are doing great and Thursday I’ve got a double date with Lauren and our BFs to sit in the Bacardi Best Seats for the game. We went last year and it was awesome.

Here’s to a wonderful week and warm sunny days! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen 🙂





Yep, that’s my birthDAY BANNER ‘CAMP CASIE, NO BASICS’!

Big thanks to all my friends who came out to Trinity Bellwoods for our first epic park party of the season. It was the perfect day to celebrate in the sunshine! It was a little windy but that did NOT stop us from having a gay ol’ time on our blankets w/ beers, stickers, snacks, and each other.

Lauren, huge thanks for organizing. You are my bestie and ILU.


Sweet shades Sheldon.


Steven you did an amazing job with the decorations. Stevo ‘streamers’ Stinson



Emoji stickers for everyone! This is my fav emoji.





The can collectors were out as per usual!


Oh hey blanket babe!





It was my first time getting a cake in the face, seriously. I’ll post the video soon!


Love y’all!


How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?


Yesterday was my birthday and to be honest, it was a really long and exhausting day! I’m dying to get up to the cottage an have some peace and quiet time in the wilderness. I went to the doctor for a checkup. I know strange thing to do on your birthday but I had the day off work and I’d been putting it off for ages.


Keri and I had lunch at the brand spankin’ new California Sandwiches at Bay/College. I had NO IDEA they had locations that were so modern. I’d only been to the the Claremont location that is older than your grandma.


I went to the office for an event in the evening. We had a bunch of artists into the office and Luke Austin played some acoustic tunes for us. He is REALLY good, check him out here.



Got some nice surprises throughout the day including flowers at my old agency! I used t get gifts there all the time so when flowers arrived for me yesterday, I’m sure everyone rolled their eyes. They are beautiful, thank you Evolution PR.


Did some work from the roof at the office this morning. Man, it’s so nice up there.



Title is a quote by Satchel Paige. This is my 32 year old face and I feel pretty great. I think I’ll always have a childlike fancy about me. It helps to always look on the bright side. Hope you’ve had a great week, sending you love & light!


Stop to Smell the Roses, Treat Yourself

Stop to Smell the Roses, Treat Yourself

I started this weekend off right with a trip to Hammam Spa early Saturday morning. I spent about 30 min in the steam room before my St. Tropez treatment. It’s a sunless tan type application and to be honest, I think it wore off already and I won’t do it again. The experience itself was great and I booked with Cynthia who is awesome.

Smashed up some bananas in the blender to throw into this mix when it came out of the juicer. It was a great way to start Sunday morning. I made Sean and I nice breakfast and we watched Romancing the Stone, an old romance-find-the-treasure movie from the 80’s.


These shoes arrived Friday from the NastyGal Shoe Cult. I made a mistake in the postal code when I purchased them and I totally thought they were on their way back to NG HQ.

Had lunch at Free Times Cafe for Ariel & Chris’ engagement party. It was fun and the food was amazing. I really like Yiddish music. I wish I understood! The piano player was from the National Ballet of Canada too.


Stopped by the Parkdale Flea Market on the way home. It was such a nice day out I just wanted to do things outside! I picked up a shirt for Sean with an illustrated bear that is running. It’s super cute.

Made a delicious juice this morning with spinach, kale, grapefruit, apple, pear, and a dash of cinnamon. It’s so freaking good! If you missed our latest Cooking with Cuisinart episode with the juicer, watch it here. I feel good if I keep posting the juices I make because it serves as a good reminder for me to keep making them. I’d determined to drop a few LBs this month!


When I arrived at the office this morning my tulips had bloomed, aren’t they beautiful?! BTW the Toronto Flower Market opens this weekend. Details here. I love popping by to pick up flowers for a friend (for any/no reason), or just to treat myself. I’d love a nice medley of roses!

I’m ready for a great week and have booked the day off on Thursday for my birthday. Friday is a half-day cause a bunch of us are going to an art event. I know it’s Monday but I’m already looking forward to the weekend! Yesterday I cooked up a bunch of meals for the week too. [pats self on back there!]

Sending good vibes your way.Happy Monday!