Stop to Smell the Roses, Treat Yourself

Stop to Smell the Roses, Treat Yourself

I started this weekend off right with a trip to Hammam Spa early Saturday morning. I spent about 30 min in the steam room before my St. Tropez treatment. It’s a sunless tan type application and to be honest, I think it wore off already and I won’t do it again. The experience itself was great and I booked with Cynthia who is awesome.

Smashed up some bananas in the blender to throw into this mix when it came out of the juicer. It was a great way to start Sunday morning. I made Sean and I nice breakfast and we watched Romancing the Stone, an old romance-find-the-treasure movie from the 80’s.


These shoes arrived Friday from the NastyGal Shoe Cult. I made a mistake in the postal code when I purchased them and I totally thought they were on their way back to NG HQ.

Had lunch at Free Times Cafe for Ariel & Chris’ engagement party. It was fun and the food was amazing. I really like Yiddish music. I wish I understood! The piano player was from the National Ballet of Canada too.


Stopped by the Parkdale Flea Market on the way home. It was such a nice day out I just wanted to do things outside! I picked up a shirt for Sean with an illustrated bear that is running. It’s super cute.

Made a delicious juice this morning with spinach, kale, grapefruit, apple, pear, and a dash of cinnamon. It’s so freaking good! If you missed our latest Cooking with Cuisinart episode with the juicer, watch it here. I feel good if I keep posting the juices I make because it serves as a good reminder for me to keep making them. I’d determined to drop a few LBs this month!


When I arrived at the office this morning my tulips had bloomed, aren’t they beautiful?! BTW the Toronto Flower Market opens this weekend. Details here. I love popping by to pick up flowers for a friend (for any/no reason), or just to treat myself. I’d love a nice medley of roses!

I’m ready for a great week and have booked the day off on Thursday for my birthday. Friday is a half-day cause a bunch of us are going to an art event. I know it’s Monday but I’m already looking forward to the weekend! Yesterday I cooked up a bunch of meals for the week too. [pats self on back there!]

Sending good vibes your way.Happy Monday!


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