Market Fresh| Give Me All the Vegatables, Alllllllll!

Market Fresh| Give Me All the Vegatables, Alllllllll!


This weekend was super relaxing. We took EmBot to Kensington market for tacos and burritos on Saturday. So delish. I’m craving a burrito right about now. Loaded up on heaps of fresh fruit & veggies from the market too. I’ve been going through so much since I started juicing. I’m feeling great tho!


Showed Em how to make a juice and she thought it was pretty funny. Kinda like how I had my first experience with this handy little machine here (VIDEO).


Mixed mango, strawberry, raspberry, apple, and it was so delicious. Almost like a smoothie. Next time I’ll use the excess fruit to make some muffins or something.


The sun was also really nice. What a goof this little one! 🙂



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