TIFF Bell LightBox | The digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

Last night after dinner I stopped by the TIFF Bell Lightbox to visit the digiPlaySpace. For the first time, TIFF invited grown-ups to get down and geek out. The After Hours event inside digiPlaySpace introduced big kids like to me TIFF’s award-winning interactive exhibition.

Thanks TIFF for the invite. Some of my fav parts below!

TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

The line was pretty long for PaperDude but I’ve tried it before. Look at this dork, haha!

I love playing with Green Screen. I should have done Sesame Street instead of the Ellen Selfie. That’s so overdone!

TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME! TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME! #ellenselfie TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

Big Bird was chillin’ by the DJ booth.

TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

Not sure what was going on here but the people on the floor had a camera on them that was projecting on the wall.

TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

Pong anyone? This was some kind of digital pong/fooseball thing. Looked like fun!

TIFF's digiPlaySpace IS AWESOME!

At the digiPlaySpace, kids (big or small!) can play with emerging creative media technologies and share innovative artistic experiences. On sale now to TIFF Members and school groups. Find out more about tickets and pricing here. Can’t wait to take EmBot here to play around!

I used waterlight painting to paint my name (of course). Don’t mind that the person beside me painted an ‘O’. DOH!


Spring Is Here! | Ted Baker Prints, No Socks, Sunshine

Ted Baker, Cooking with Cuisinart, Spring

Ted Baker, Cooking with Cuisinart, Spring, #CookingwithCuisinart

Oooh that sunshine is NICE! I took one look outside today and knew it was the day to bust out these Ted Baker flower pants. I’m wearing my fav shoes from last summer, cutout brogues from Browns. They killed my feet last summer but I’m hoping they’ll be a-ok today!

Ted Baker, Cooking with Cuisinart, Spring, #CookingwithCuisinart

Weekend seemed to whiz by. We filmed for 10 hours on Saturday in Ajax for Cooking with Cuisinart. The next three episodes are done and you’re gonna like them. Totally different that that first pilot episode. Much better!

Spent more of yesterday relaxing and then watched Saving Mr. Banks, GREAT MOVIE. Brought back so many memories of our Disney Vacay to California last summer. Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth!

Today I’ve got a lunch date with Ainsley Kerr then the Lacoste Spring/Summer preview after work. Hope your day is off to a great start. Make sure you soak up some of the sunshine out there!


Huge TBT | The Blog Years, March 2009 – 2013

Ok here’s a MASSIVE TBT on the month of March from 2009 – 2013. I love looking back on things I’ve done. It’s so easy to forget! The main reason I started this blog in 2005 was so I could remember more. It totally worked!

On this day last year Sean sent me flowers to the office .What a darling. Love you!


I also blogged about Andy Warhol on this day last year. Sean and I were getting ready to go on a trip to Boston too. See posts tagged March 2013 here.

Two years ago on this day I was at The Gladstone for an event. Loved those boots so much. And RIP that leather jacket.


Took part in a round table w/ Russ Martin from Marketing Magazine about Rdio & music streaming in Canada.


It was MUCH nicer outside and I visited the Toronto Music Garden. Took this using 360 Panoramic app in iPhone from  hTO Park (Urban Beach) which is right beside the lake.

Around this time two years ago I filmed ‘It’s All About Me’ documentary that last year won several film festival awards. I’m in another documentary that will be on the festival circuit soon. Pretty neat if you ask me!

In March 2011 I was a Personal Branding expert with Levi’s. I love looking back on this stuff, I forget how many things I’ve done!

Here are some tips on building your personal brand to help  establish yourself online:

  • Set a goal: Make a plan for your brand. What are you passionate about? What do you want to be known for?
  • Start a blog: Use WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger or Posterous to create a free home for your online activity.
  • Find a mentor: Find someone who is doing what you want to do and introduce yourself, learn from them and get inspired.
  • TGIF: Twitter, Google, Internet, Facebook: Create profiles for yourself online and update them regularly with things that align with your brand.
  • Get Involved: Seek out events related to your passion and get involved by volunteering. This is a great way to grow your brand, meet others and learn from experts. – See more here.

In March 2010 I was working at MuchMusic. Our office was in the Much Store before we moved into 299 Queen Street next door.


At this time I helped MTV Canada name & launch FORA, a magazine at first and now a full on beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. I was the Features Editor in charge of managing contributors. That was fun, I always wanted to work on a magazine.

I hardly had any tattoos back then and just got this anchor with two stars and a heart. I was so happy with it! That little arm is covered in tattoos now.

I was posting desk photos back then too.

In 2009, my sister Jenie was a dancer for the Raptors on the Raptors Dance Pak.

I ran into this performance artist on the street. It was pretty nice out that day and he made up a song on the spot for me. Do you like it? 😛

I was doing heaps of drawing back then too. Anyone remember this?

Ok, that’s all for now! Hope you have a wonderful day. Take a second to look back and remember some of the awesome thing you’ve done too.


WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La | #iheartbosk

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La | #iheartbosk Dinner

Yesterday I got a lovely surprise from Daniel (DotheDaniel.com) and the Shangri-La hotel in advance of tonight’s much anticipated dinner. Daniel has been planning a special evening for a bunch of us to take in the fine dinging experience at Bosk, inside one of Toronto’s finest hotels. I’ve never actually been there fro dinner and I’m not sure who the other 11 people are so I’m quite looking forward to it!

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner


WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner

How Do I Win a One of a Kind High Tea Experience?

Ok this contest is SUPER EASY. Tonight at 6pm I’ll post a few tweets about with the #iheartbosk hashtag.

  1. Follow  @ShangriLaTO.
  2. ReTweet any of MY tweets with #iheartbosk and each is an entry to win.

*Contest runs from 6-10pm.

Make sure you are following me on Twitter @CASIESTEWART and for all the dinner excitement follow #iheartbosk

WIN IT: High Tea at the Shangri-La |  #iheartbosk Dinner


Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica’s Little Grey Pass

Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica’s Little Grey Pass

This winter is lasting forever and it’s been rough on my skin. My face feels dry and I’m just dying to get some sun. I’m in my 30’s now and I like to treat myself but one thing I’ve been neglecting is MY FACE. I’ve never really been one to go for facials but I am starting. I want to stay looking young baby!

I’ve been using Dermalogica products for just over a year now and I really love how they make my skin look and feel (read here and here).  Thanks to the magic of Google I just discovered my first interaction with Dermalogica was way back in 2009!

Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass

Dermalogica has just launched the ‘Little Grey Pass’ in Toronto and Vancouver. It allows you to collect stamps by booking services at Dermalogica skin centres and receive gifts along the way. I was gifted a pass from my friends at Faulhaber Communications and I have my first treatment at Hammam Spa on Wednesday. I already love that place so I can’y wait to have my first pampering for my FACE. I had a coffee scrub there about 2 weeks  ago and it was AMAZING.

Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass

Your Face is Your Fortune | Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass

The Little Grey Pass program expires February 2nd, 2015 and you can get yours at greypass.dermalogica.ca. The title on this post was inspired by ‘My face is my fortune’ that Bette Midler sings (here) in Beaches, god I love that movie.

In other news, I really hope spring comes soon!



SPRING it ON! Cottage here we come!

Oh hey it’s Thursday and almost the weekend! Had a blast at fashion week last night with my bestie but more about that later. Busy day!

Some exciting things coming up for next week but for now all I can think about is jumping in the car after work tomorrow and heading up to the cottage! I’ve been waiting months for this and I am dyyyyyyying to get up there and away from the city.

Remember this …

Heaven is a place on earth with you 🙂