The Joy of Gardening | Landscape Painting

The Joy of Gardening| Landscape Painting

Yesterday was so lovely and warm. Sean and I were at Home Depot before 9:30am. We sussed out our options and went for brekky. I picked out some nice seeds, organic soil, bamboo, planters, and a pots. I’m so glad we were there together because all this stuff is super heavy!


The Joy of Gardening| Landscape Painting

The new patio was perfect for a bbq so I invited a few friends over to show off my work. It feels so relaxing up there. I cleaned the deck so I can do yoga out there once we get past tomorrow’s frost. Whilst I was in the cleaning mindset I did a few other jobs on my own for the patio but also on the exterior of the house itself. Some things obviously I couldn’t do like cleaning out the gutters, so I had to get in touch with Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Oklahoma City to give me a helping hand. This was great because now they’re clean, it’s most likely there won’t be any soil erosion going on and my plants can grow wild! I’m excited to get everything planted and watch it grow now. I always loved gardening with Mum.

New patio styles!

The Joy of Gardening| Landscape Painting

Started a Gardening board on Pinterest here. If you have any tips or things I should check out. LET ME KNOW!

Companion Planting; The Joy of Gardening| Landscape Painting



Now that it’s getting warmer don’t forget your sunscreen. Nothing will make you look old like sun damage (or boozing super hard). I’ve been loving this Cover from Dermalogica, there’s also a Sheer that’s perfect once you’re a little tanned. I never leave the house without sunscreen on my face!

Dermalogica - Cover Tint


Enjoy the day! <3 CASIE

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