I’ll Be in Balconia or Muskoka Till September, Ok?


Had a great weekend, hope you did too. Skipped home to visit Mum Friday and did some Saturday shopping.  Was back home in the city before dinner that night. Sean and I had a great day on Sunday. Since we’ve been making an effort to eat healthier we’ve not been going out/drinking as much. It’s great! I did groceries on Sunday morning and were out of the house just after noon.

Had a walk through Kensington market and ate at a delicious Mexican place on the south side of Roach-o-rama (sorry I don’t remember the name). Burrito was BURFECTION! I got a treat from the ice cream truck on the way out.

This rainbow filter is called ‘Through Marino Wool Sweater’. Thanks Mum for that gift!


I spent some time reading on the roof top patio ‘Balconia’ before zipping out to the new Target at the Stockyards to refurnish the place. I managed to give it a new look and feel with some pillows and accessories while Sean was napping. Target and I are becoming good friends. Sean is building a storage box to go under the table.


Was my first time grilling cauliflower on the BBQ and WHOA it’s totally delicious. Used this recipe for grilled cauliflower skewers from Chatelaine and added some Diana sauce and garlic to the mix. Sean made burgers. I am so happy it’s SPRING FINALLY!


I picked up these solar lanterns from Target and I’m  kinda shocked at how surprised I was that they worked. Why did I think they wouldn’t work? I got three sizes and the biggest one was $22. They charge during the day and they you turn them on at night.


Looking forward to getting home and catching some rays while I read some more of this great book Simon Schuster sent me recently. They saw me on CBC and send over a bunch of books. I vow to read and sew more than ever this summer!

Hope you are enjoying the day. Remmeber…

You will never be younger than you are today so make the most of it!


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