Made this today w/ Raymi the Minx. Enjoy. Das funny.

Enjoy a NICE cold beer? Check out this new thing from @MolsonCoors!

My friends at Molson are a bit wacky but very cool people none the less. They sent me this new thing they’re working on and I wanna know YOUR thoughts. The marketing teams call it a “Taste Buddy”. This prototype is from R&D, its a mix of lycra & neoprene. One size fits any tongue.

It’s a tongue koozie to keep your tongue warm when you are drinking ice cold beer.  Kinda like those beer koozies in the summer. Ahhh, Summer & cold beer.

These guys take this cold stuff seriously, eh?

if this was your last year to live, would you live it out?

I was sitting on the couch last night and I caved, I purchased the official replica of this ring. Fan girl, crazy, call me what you want. I love her and the Royal Wedding is one thing I really love. I will 100% be up watching despite the time difference.

One of the best things about having a blog is keeping memories. I found this one post title “you wouldn’t believe me if i told you” from 2009. I had been asked to go to this fashion show for Puma and in my post after it I wrote:

I’d love to do something else for Puma downtown or online please! I’m thinking something that involves me and clothes/shoes/accessories. Thank you, love Casie.

Pretty neat I’m doing something with them now. Found this old post from May 2009 when I worked in Liberty Village. The title is a quote I was happy to find “the trouble with jogging is the ice falls out of your glass”. I like this video. Our Puma Social video from last night will be done this week. Stay tuned, you’ll see it here.

Where am I, do you know?

Oh, did you hear? DB & Posh Spice are having a baby girl. Breaking news via twitter. That kid is gonna be the most awesome, well, potentially. Let’s hope she get’s the right mix of both their looks.

Speaking of looks…looks skinny & sexy to me.

The SXSW launch of iPad 2 today must have been really fun. This is the Mashable video. I’d like to do more reporting. I really enjoy that.

I’ve got a heart on for a new iPad2 and I think Andy knows already. After reading all about it, I’m not gonna rush out for it since I’ve got first gen already. I’ll be ready for up upgrade when iPad3 comes out. Maybe I’ll be an iphone user by then too.

In other more important news, THIS situation in Japan is crazy.  The explosion:

It seems unreal like in a movie, like something I saw in 2012. Scary. Scary that it is real, really happening right now.

I added a DONATE banner on tumblr.casiestewart.com where you can make donations directly to the Red Cross.

I’ve been following the CNN liveblog:

[3:08 a.m. ET, 5:08  p.m. Tokyo] An explosion has been reported near a nuclear plant in northeastern Japan’s Fukushima prefecture, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported, citing the country’s nuclear and industrial safety agency.

[2:19 a.m. ET, 4:19  p.m. Tokyo]
A small amount of  radioactive Cesium has escaped into the air surrounding a nuclear plant in northeastern Japan’s Fukushima prefecture, Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Agency said.

There’s a meeting Saturday afternoon 3pm at Darkhorse on Queen for a fundraising event. Come if you want to get involved. Makes you really appreciate each day, family, and the safety of Canada. I’m thinking of you too Mum. I know you are in the other side but please be safe. I missssssssssssssss you.

I need to get some spray chalk for summer.

sheen’s korner?

I’m sure everyone tuned in thinking “WHAT is going to go down?” I watched the viewers jump 20,000 in the last 10 minues before the show at 10pm ET. Was about 115,000 when it started, watch it hereif you missed it.

After 20 mins views went down heaps. Not that interesting or crazy. Makes Charlie look pretty dumb. He got a tattoo of WINNING on his wrist. I don’t even know why I spent the entire hour watching/listening. Waiting for something good to happen, I didn’t wanna miss it when/if it did. My sis was over it like most people after 20 mins. Train wreck. Twitter was blowing up over it.

At 10:45 views were under 90,000. He’d taken over 2/10 trending topics world wide with #sheenskorner and #tigerblood. I’d call that winning.

Although, he did go from $2 million a show to 100,000 on UStream for free. Also, it has been confirmed that he’s hooked up with ad.ly, the celebrity paid tweets marketing company.

Is this the beginning or the end of Charlie Sheen’s winning? SNL had a few jabs at him with Milers hosting. That can’t be good.

things i slept with last night

green scarf fron france that matches my eyes, the heater on, prince perry shirt, social media week sticker, mascara, orange hat from someone i love.

tv remote, a gold angel (thry are everywhere), vintage orange bead necklace, motorola milestone & bakflip android phones, a black metal stapler, the wall street journal with me in it from earlier this week, casiestewart.com biz card, virgin provocateur biz card, a plastic bag, headphones, pink heart shaped glasses, my laptop robert, my ipad andy, a robot, glitter, watter bottle.

a friends jogging pants, tahnee’s old wool sweater, happy thoughts, creativity, casie ring over a special tattoo, my retainer.

a long red wig.

a red crystal heart, a view of the airport, a burn on my finger, thoughts of you.

i think this might be a new series,  there’s always clothes & gadgets around here.

today i really need to clean my room.

i believe i can change the world. i will.

you can too.