Award-winning chef Jonathan Gushue reported missing?

Yesterday was lying in bed, aware, awake, ready to get up, but not really just yet, a few more minutes pleaseandthankyou. I like to think about my day and outfit. Then someone was calling me and it was Mum. She rung to say the Exec. Chef from Langdon Hall was missing and it was all over the local news. (I am from Cambridge and  like to be up on news.) I spent lots of time on Langdon Drive growing up and have find memories of Langdon Hall. There are deer in the back forrest, it’s really beautiful. I was there in May with Mum for my birthday driving Infiniti G37. LIKE A G6. 

The Chef is Jonathan Gushue and he’s been at LH for 7 years.  The missing story is kinda weird but he has family he’s been missing since Dec.31, 2012. It feels like a movie. (Doesn’t everything?) He used a fake name at the hotel, but he’s pretty famous. I love when characters do that in movies.

Strangest quote from everything I have read about this disappearance is in this from TheStar “Every aspect of my husband I am in love with,” she said. “He is my soul mate. My children worship the ground he walks on. We deal with our issues.” Apparently he has disappeared before and has been in AA for two years. Not a good combo.

I hope he returns safe to his family. If you have any info about Jonathan Gushue, call Waterloo Police at 519-650-8500 ext. 2299.

Here is a nice video about him and Langdon Hall.

I love this.






Had a photo shoot on the strip today with Canadian photog Taylor Jackson. Noticed a bit of a trend eh! There were more drunken Disney characters that I didn’t snap. The man in the Minnie Mouse is a sure way to scare some kids. Saw a leprechaun midget on a mic too. Count on hearing “only in Vegas”? About a million.

Thinking we should do a drunken Disney parade some time. I’m guessing there is nothing Walt’s company can really do about it! Mooohahahaha.

Leaving for the airport soon and will be home tomorrow. Toronto I love & miss you <3 xo


* Taylor snapped that creep shot w/ iPhone 🙂

BizMedia Movember – Casie Stewart Dedication Video

I made a donation. Then I got this. It will either make you feel sexy or creepy.  The more times you watch the better. Make your own donation at SFW but not safe for kids. haha! Enjoy! Thanks Andrew & BizMedia. ILU xo

The official Movember Toronto Gala is tomorrow night at Koolhaus. I’m a judge in the ‘Best Mo in Character’ category. Third year as a judge! Get a ticket here & come dressed up. Party starts at 8pm!

If you ever wanna make some kind of dedication video to me, I doubt you will be creepier than this. I’d love it. 😛

Epic Meal Time w/ The Biz Media

Photo booth 1 is here. Photo booth 2 is here. The Biz Media is a totally awesome company full of really great people. I’m happy to call them friends. Check them our here.

Meeeeeeeeaaaaaaatttt O’Nizzle.

Sauce boss of The Biz Media, Guy Gal.

you want him to do you so much you could do anything

Barbie & I jus LOLed to hard at these two videos. I was telling her a story and could not for the life of me get the words out and she said I reminded her of this kid.

Then, by luck we stumbled upon this GEM! Do you remember doing this at Canada’s Wonderland as a kid. I do. I wish I had my video. I was in dance and the time but no way I could beat this awesome kid. I wonder where he is now? Oh, he’s in Boston, MA and his name is Robert Jeffrey. TWERK!