Day 146: Sean’s Birthday!

A little bit of a different birthday than previous years but we made the most of it! Last night we had a family sushi picnic. It’s been over 6mo since I had sushi and it was delicious!

I packed a cake and sparklers and we sang to Sean in the park. I biked home with the cake before the picnic so it was a little dishevelled but still tasty!

Gave Emily one of my Masks for Music by Melanie Goldman. She’s created hundreds of masks and raised over $15,000 for the Unison Benevolent Fund’s Covid-19 Relief Project. Learn more or donate here.

This morning we drive back up to the cottage and there was so much traffic. Sean and I were both pretty exhausted and fell asleep in the afternoon watching Netflix on the couch. Woke up to a beautiful sunset over the lake.

At night we heard pretty loud music and a cottage down the road had a live band! We were just about to head over when our friends rolled up in their boat to check it out from the lake.

A bit hard to see in the photo but the music was great!

There were about 20 boats in the water jamming along to the tunes. We also did a few fireworks on the dock and everyone in the boats cheered.

It was a nice ending to a few days of celebrating Sean’s birthday! HBD ILY!