Day 178: Remember The Leaves

Took the boat out of the water this morning after taking Sean for his last rip on the lake. I don’t think we’ll be putting it back in this year. We’re on our way back to the GTA after sending the long weekend up north with Emily. Sean has buyer for his classic 1982 Stingray Corvette so we’ve got it on a trailer and and we’re dropping it off in Oakville. 

Our next stop is Emily’s mum’s place to drop her off, she starts a new school next week. The kids have to wear masks all day and they’ve got a bunch of social distancing procedures in place. We know it’s good for her to be back in school but it’s also stressful knowing we are potentially putting her and ourselves at risk. 

I’ve had a lot of anxiety over the past few days. It’s hard not to have anxiety with everything going on. Watching the news is intense and just sitting alone with your own thoughts can be overwhelming. I’m behind on my blog diary (again) but I also haven’t had my computer since September 3rd. I finally dropped my MacBook Pro off at the shop after months of using it with a broken keyboard. Found out today it’s going to cost $$$ and I think it’s time to get a new laptop. I’ve been using my old MacBook Air and it’s so s-l-o-w. Tbh I’m glad it’s a short week and it will be the weekend again before we know it.  

Sean and I are planning to come back to the cottage together on Friday. I love summer but fall weekends in Muskoka are so charming. Relaxing and romantic. The leaves have only just started to change and over the next six-8 weeks they will transform to a rainbow of colours.

I think that’s what I need to remember today, things change, we change, but like the leaves, there’s beauty in the growth and the stages we go through. 

Remember the leaves. xo