Day 145: Best Buds! Superette Shop Store Visit

Today Miche and I went to the Superette Shop. You might remember I went to a party here around the anniversary of legalization and was in Superette’s bowling tournament in February. Well, this cannabis store like nothing you have ever seen before. IT’S SO CUTE.

I absolutely love the ‘flower’ display where they have containers in the flower display allowing you to see & smell each type of cannabis. It’s such a creative way to display the buds. ?

The massive store has everything from dried flower, to oils, drinkables, edibles, accessories and merch. Miche and I both picked out matching pink hoodies and I purchased a few goodies for Sean’s birthday.

There are heaps of really rad accessories. Back in the day, I remember making a bong similar to this water bottle using things around the house, however, this 2020 version is GLASS. The merchandising is so creative, they have these little banana pipes in a banana basket. Love it!

There’s a really neat menu where you can place orders that resembles an old cigarette-style vending machine. If you need a hand with what to purchase, they have colour coded baskets at the entrance to show that you have questions or you’re good on your own.

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I felt like such. dork because I kept saying ‘omg so cute‘ whenever I discovered something new. Miche and I got these little 10mg THC shots from Aurora and enjoyed them when we got home.

The new Superette Shop is located at 1073 Yonge St, Toronto, and they’re open 10 am to 8/9 pm most days. See store details here and follow them on IG @superette_shop for updates.

Thank you Thaomy @ Superette for the shop tour! ILY and can’t wait to come back!