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Day 160: Where Did August Go?

Wow, this month has really flown by! I’ve been working a new gig for the last couple of weeks and have been really slacking on blog updates. I’m still here but I’ve been finding it harder to update and have also not really felt like sharing too much.

This weekend we came back to the cottage to get it ready for Sean’s sister and her fam to have a week here. On Saturday we had a nice distanced hang with our cottage bubble, floating in the lake and enjoying the sun.

It’s crazy that August is almost over. March and April felt like they were never-ending and somehow, we’re near the end of summer.

This time of year I’m usually gearing up for a busy September with TIFF and Fashion Week. Not sure what the next few weeks are gonna look like. I did, however, book a hair appointment for this week and I am so excited. Not planning to change the cut or colour too much, I’ve really grown to love this darker, covid shag.

Heading back to the city for a bit and will be back to the cottage for the long weekend. Here’s to a great week!