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Day 149: Feels Like September Energy

It was pretty chilly this morning! Warmed up in the day but I can feel change is coming.

For the past five month’s I’ve been on CERB and this month, I’m back to work. I’d been feeling a need for change for a year and I think I’ve finally figured out that I want and where I’m going. I’ve taken a gig with a studio doing social media and project management, all remote. Today was my first full day on the job and I really liked it!

I’m not certain what the future holds but I’ve got a plan for now. I was texting a friend saying ‘I’m back bitchessss’ and she said “this feels like September energy“.

Been wondering if it’s time to stop the daily diary on Day 150? I know the pandemic isn’t over, maybe I should keep it going? Tomorrow will tell!

ALSO: I changed the home feen on casiestewart.com to be blog posts only, no sidebar. Do you like it? Is anyone reading this? The sidebar is there if you click on an individual post!

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