You’re a winner! (thought it was spam too but it’s not)

I really AM one of the top blogs in Canada!

First of all, no, I’m not going to be on Canada’s Next Top Blogger OR The Canadian Bachelor.

I rocked up third next to a mom and a gay in the Canadian Blog Awards category of Best Life Weblog (weblog is original name of blog). Next year, I’ll be a lesbian with a child and TAKE FRST PLACE.  Seriously though, I have lots planned for 2012 in content and design and I’m gunning for first.

The Ninjamatics’ 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards saw 461 nominations across 37 categories. Their 46 volunteer jurors used  ten criteria in content & design to judge each of the 461 weblogs in the first round and approximately 175 in the second round to arrive at the winners.

Best Life Weblog/Mode de vie

First: No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Second: The Kitchen Magpie
Third: Casie Stewart: This Is My Life

To celebrate here’s the Charlie Sheen ‘winning’ commercial I was in for the Comedy Network last year. I HAVE ONLY ONE GEAR, GO.


It’s contagious. I peeled myself out of bed today after a super deep sleep. Was greeted by a delicious smooth in the fridge, thanks Barbie. The sun is shining and sparkling like glitter on the lake. Turned off the news for the aquarium channel, the fish tell less depressing stories. I want to travel. I know I just got back and I know I’m going places but I just can not seem to sit still. I caught a travel bug and it’s never going away.

Had dinner with a friend last night who is off to England then Copenhagen and will be there for fashion week. (One day I will too.) She told me that she will be staying in a hotel called the Holiday Inn hotel in Kensington and it sounds amazing. She can’t wait to visit England and she’s equally excited about exploring Copenhagen too. I’m so jealous! We talked about how determined I am/we are to break out of Canada and move to a bigger ‘pond’. Canada is a wonderful country but I really want to do more international travel writing, working, and exploring. These photos are from a shoot I did with fashion photog & friend Lynsie Roberts when I signed the deal to go to New Zealand for Fashion Week in 2010. I was incredibly excited for my first international blogging adventure. I was radiant.

Three places I REALLY want to go in 2012 year are:

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • London, England
  • Toyko, Japan

If you have any thoughts, ideas or connections to make this dream a reality. LET ME KNOW. Send a note to or leave a comment. I’m determined to take on the world!

Life moves pretty fast sometimes, if you don’t look around, you’ll miss it” This commercial is great. Enjoy! I’m going for a run then spending the afternoon working on a creative project.

Things to do before you ___.

I can kinda speak French, but I’m much better after some wine.


I took French from grade four until I graduated from high school. It’s a share they spent so much time on conjugating verbs when we could have been talking about how to get around France or hold a conversation. Would really come in handy now!  I’m planning a trip with in the next few weeks where I’ll be spending a few days in old Quebec where it is predominantly French speaking. I downloaded some courses from iTunesU and a French language app to get more familiar.

I’ve always been inspired by my friend Aga who could speak about seven languages. I witnessed her at dinner parties and events carrying on conversations in a variety of languages, at once. It was amazing! I want that ability! I’m determined to work on my Spanish & French this year. Next time I go surfing in Costa Rica I wanna be able to hold my own.

There’s only one way to get there…


Carla said we’d be sore after yesterday’s workout and she was right. She pushed me harder than ever before this time. “I wanna see more resistance from you”, that means next day burning. My muscles feel good right now, as in, I can really feel them.

I love Jukari because it comes from Cirque du Soleil and combines resistance training with a dance like acrobatics. King West Fitness is a beautiful gym and I wish I went more often. I need a new bike. Going to the gym is not (really) part of my routein but I’m attempting to make it one. This time last year I was going to The Motion Room once a week. I got so in shape.

I turn 30 in May and I want to be the most fit of my life, ever.


Hot tub soak post workout yesterday was lovely. I’m going to hot yoga later today w/ Barbie.. I’m up for trying out any workout right now. I’m quite keen to do a martial arts workout. Y’know, a few rounds on the heavy bag. I have my green belt in Olympic style (WTF) Tae Kwon Do, did you know that? Mum is second dan black belt!

I wonder what other workouts would be fun? Aerial silks were pretty rad. Next month I start ballet on Wednesday’s at The National. I can’t wait to be back in ballet!

I’m catching up on season two of United States of Tara right now. We got US Netflix on my XBOX by changing the IP. Came across this 101 Photography tips just now, check it out, 101 of them from Improve Photography.



I want a balloon tree. I always have.

The Balloon Tree by Phoebie Gilman was one of my favourite books as a child. We used to read heaps of books. Each summer Jenie and I would join the Summer Reading Club at the Preston library. I spent so much of my childhood at that place. I was either there, the dance studio, or gymnastics. I’m pretty sure I had my first reading by Robert Munsch at the Preston library.  I remember meeting Phoebie Gilman and having my photo taken with her. Authors were my celebrities back then.  When I wrote ‘Jeans: an anthology of poetry & prose‘ in 1996 we had our book launch there. We sold over 80 books that night and one dollar from the sale of each went to the Women’s Crisis Shelter.  It was a magical night. I’l never forget how good it feels sitting there signing your own book for a lineup of people. I’ve been (slowly) working on another  book. Write more, read more, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m a big believer in the power of positive thought and a few things I’ve been thinking about lately are libraries and speaking. Not necessarily together but in general. The crazy thing is, I got an email from Marketing Magazine asking me to speak at an event next month and guess where it is? A LIBRARY. My favourite library in the city, Toronto Reference. We’re talking youth culture and the founder of VICE Magazine will also be there talking about The Creators Project between Vice & Intel. I’ve been a Vice fan for about ten years and have a diploma in marketing so this is all quite exciting. THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN’T DO.

The Creators Project is really cool and well, CREATIVE.

“I have always imagined that Paradise

will be a kind of library.”

Jorge Luis Borges quotes (Argentinian Poet and Essayist, 1899-1986).


Here’s a little sneak peek into the dresse we’ll be wearing at Love a Heart on February 9th. The event is a date auction so if you have ever wanted to go on a date with me (or any of the other boys & girls) this is your chance! All proceeds go to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Last year’s event was a HUGE success!

Rent Frock Repeat is a Canadian owned and operated business, based in Toronto. The concept is fairly simple – rent a designer dress, wear it, send it back. Erin Bury has talked about it before so I was super keen to give it a go. The babes behind RfR, Lisa & Kristy set up a pop up shop for us with dressing tents complete with wine, treats & cupcakes.


I picked a gorgeous red silk number by Adam. So fitting for Valentines Day <3 There were so many really beautiful dresses to pick from.

I love the concept of renting a dress, it’ll be so handy come Film Fest! Raymbo & I have the devil angel thing happening here mooohahah. Who is which?









Love this dress for another time. Love the back and how it shows tattoo.

Raymi is going to be a beautiful blonde baby Björk.


For more info on Love a Heart see FB. Thanks Shannon for setting this up and the lovely ladies at Rent Frock Repeat for offering  a 10% discount on rentals with code LOVEAHEART. Go rent a dress for your Valentines date or something special and 10% will go to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Love ya xo CASIE