all the better to see you with, my dear

They arrived! Now I don’t have to wear my old vintage scratched up Waldo glasses anymore!

:36 sec unboxing new glasses from clearly contacts

Yes, they are real prescription but the prescription is almost invisible. New RayBans are my first official pair. I think they might be a little big for small head. NOT A BIG HEAD! haha. Thanks Clearly Contacts! I love wearing glasses when I work, they help me concentrate. I often wear a hat or cover my head when I work too. Don’t even challenge me in a ‘I’m the weirdest’ competition.

About two years ago I got new glasses and made this video. My Dad MADE the car on my shirt.

Ok bye. Time to work with glasses on and work before I go to Raymi’s house then Lauren’s house to watch them BOTH on MTV CREEPS TONIGHT 9:30.

K. Bye for real!

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