Stewart. Brand.

I’ve very quickly developed an addiction to Pinterest. I got lost in there last night pinning all kinds of things I love, style, travel and places I’ve been. It’s amazingly easy to browse and stumble through all kinds of pretty, smart, inspiring and wonderful things. Mine looks like this so far:

I came across this panting and it automatically caught my eye because it’s by Stewart Brand. Do you know Stewart Brand?

How about a ‘Stewart’ brand like Martha, Rod, Jon, Kristen, or French?

A few of my fav are Lloyd, Judy, Jenie, Donald, Matthew, and Lisa (hi family!).

First thing after finding the painting was google ‘stewart brand’ and it turns out he is QUITE the FUTURIST who ” has been a critical thinker and innovator who helped lay the foundations of our internetworked world” according to TED. I stayed up way to late listening him talk.  TED really sucks you in! My brain must have been hungry.

I watched him talk then somehow got into Stewart history and patterns and learned about the different Stewart tartans. I always knew the red one but they’re all quite pretty.

I love the internet because I learn and consume so many things in a day. Think back to when you had to go to a library or an expert for answers?! Some of you might not even remember. We are the digital generation. WHAT DID/WILL YOU LEARN TODAY?

Now, I’m going to dress up in some type of amazing outfit like this and do work all day that relates to my blog and life. HAVE AN AWESOMER DAY.

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  1. E1e
    January 24, 2012 / 6:31 pm

    “STEWART” brand nice nameI found your piece on Kabalah uplifting!

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