Things to do before you ___.

I can kinda speak French, but I’m much better after some wine.


I took French from grade four until I graduated from high school. It’s a share they spent so much time on conjugating verbs when we could have been talking about how to get around France or hold a conversation. Would really come in handy now!  I’m planning a trip with in the next few weeks where I’ll be spending a few days in old Quebec where it is predominantly French speaking. I downloaded some courses from iTunesU and a French language app to get more familiar.

I’ve always been inspired by my friend Aga who could speak about seven languages. I witnessed her at dinner parties and events carrying on conversations in a variety of languages, at once. It was amazing! I want that ability! I’m determined to work on my Spanish & French this year. Next time I go surfing in Costa Rica I wanna be able to hold my own.

There’s only one way to get there…

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