Day 519: Biddell Fashion Show!

I was in a fashion show! I had such a fun time walking in Evan Biddell’s ‘Playsuit’ show at The Grande Bizarre. Watch his video about the show here!

It was so great to sit by the pool and chat with other models before heading into hair & makeup. I absolutely love being on stage and it felt good to be out. I did have some Covid anxiety about all the people but it was still extremely fun.

Ann Kaplan, Evan Biddell, Christopher Paunil and Michael Zoffaneri invited guests for a night of fashion and entertainment. We also got a sneak peek at Ann’s new fashion line ANNKM.

The Biddell Playsuit is extremely comfortable and stylish. Check out all the different styles in the Biddell Shop.

Last year on Day 124 I received my first Playsuit order, a custom butter yellow!

Professional non-selfies courtesy of George Pimentel.

Day 518: Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful! Was in Yorkville today for my first hair appointment in almost a year. It was GREAT to be back at Sassoon Toronto and have a more in-depth post on that soon.

I stopped into the Mr. Brainwash pop-up to see a few of my fav art pieces. A few years ago Sean and I hung out with him at Soho House. What a night that was!

Day 517: Business Babe

It’s all business babe! Went for a walk down a secret alley that April’s friend found filled with colourful garage doors. I absolutely love finding hidden gems like this in the city. So fun!

Day 516: Back from Burnout

Spent the last week at the cottage and it was so nice. Worked s few days and had 4 days of vacation. I needed it. I had burnout. Last night I felt refreshed and got a jump on work for the week. I was excited this morning. Aside from the fact that I have a torn muscle in my leg and have been limping for a couple of days. Been really trying to rest it as I’m booked to walk in a big fashion show on Friday for Evan Biddell. Ahhhhh!

In other news, our plants are really growing + she’s back from burnout, ready to blog again.


OH MY, WHAT A GREAT DAY! I went to visit mum for the first time in almost a year. I wanted to make sure I was fully vaccinated before going to visit her. I know there’s still a chance of transmission but I needed to see her. I missed her so much. We went to Winners (as usual!) got groceries, then I helped a bit in the kitchen. It was so incredibly nice to be home and hug her again.

I love you mum.

Day 504: The Fitzroy

After work, I biked over to see my girlfriends at The Fitzroy to try on dresses for an upcoming wedding. Emily’s mum is getting married next month and I want to wear something nice. It’s been AGES since I’ve dressed up and gone out somewhere fancy, this is the perfect event. I’m not telling which dress I picked but I’d love to know your fav.

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