Day 565: Sending You Flowers

I’ve developed a slight obsession with colourful cardigans and cute collars. Looking forward to switching over my closet this weekend and rediscovering fall/winter clothes. It’s been a pretty great summer, spent lots of time at the cottage, biking through the city, and meeting friends outside.

I was reading an article this week about ‘cave syndrome’ that people are developing after bring home for so long. I’ve really learned to love being at the house and have no shortage of things to keep me busy. I don’t imagine I’ll be doing much over the next few months and tbh, not mad about it. I used to be out soooo much and can’t imagine going back to that life. I feel so much more at peace without the pressure to go places with people. I make time to see the people I care about and that’s about it. I do have a couple of events coming up but nothing like the large in-person events we used to frequent.

Here’s to finding personal peace through this crazy time! Sending you flowers!

Day 564: Election Day in Canada

It’s Election Day in Canada and we voted first thing this morning. Had a good day at work. Went for a bike ride after to get some movement and sunshine.

The Harvest Moon is tonight and I’ve got a few things planned to summon the good vibes. I like to put a big jug of water outside to charge in the moonlight with my crystals.

I usually have a nice bath with essential oils and set a few intentions. I always go outside on a full moon to make my 6 wishes (like Mum!) and say a mantra. It may seem silly but if it makes me feel good AND there’s a chance it helps bring good things my way, I’m here for it. If the moon can move the ocean, it can move me. ?

Sending you good vibes and energy through the internet. I hope the next few months bring you heaps of joy. You have everything in you to create the life you want to live, go get it! ?

Day 563: So Long Sweet Summer

We had such a lovely time this weekend. I finally caught up on blog posts and took some time to relax. Sean had his last wakeboard rip of the season before we took the boat out. I finished my book and soaked up the sun on our new outdoor lounge set. It was so hot out!

We watched a bunch of shows this weekend and finished Tell me Your Secrets on Prime, and on Netflix, we watched On the Verge, The Chair, Untold: Caitlyn Jenner, and Nine Perfect Strangers. Overall, pretty productive considering relaxation was my goal. ?

Heading back to the city early tomorrow morning to vote and get to work. Feeling refreshed and gonna try and carry this vibe with me as long as I can!

Watch my weekend recap video here!

Day 561: Hit the Open Road

Hit the open road after work and headed up north. I can’t wait to be back up there and sit by the lake, read, relax. I’d gotten a bit behind on the blog and feel good to have caught up. Keeping this diary is very therapeutic and although I’m not doing much, it feels good to keep memories.

We’ve been in this pandemic for over 500 days and without documenting, they all kinda mix together into a blur. When I started blogging 16 years ago, one of my main goals was to keep more memories. Now looking back, I’m so glad to have this archive of my life.

Here’s to a wonderful weekend and soaking up the last lovely days of summer!

Day 558: Sit Outside in Silence

Took myself on a little date after work and biked down to Queen West. Felt inspired by this post from Olivia Herricks Design, she posted a reel where you screenshot to get your mantra for the day. I love the idea of ‘sit outside in silence with no agenda’. See the post here to get your own!

Casie Stewart, signature.

Day 556: TIFF 2021

TIFF 2021 looks a little different than past years! We went to the Visa Skyline Drive-In at Ontario place to see Lakewood. Thank you Proof for hooking us up! The movie was pretty good but I think our fav was the local food trucks.

I thought sean would enjoy this film as it’s called Lakewood and was shot in northern Ontario. It follows Naomi Watts as the main character and she spends most of her time running through the woods and dealing with a tragedy at her kid’s school. We both left thinking about what we could shoot up and around the cottage with a couple of cameras and the drone.