Day 554: An Engagement

Got dressed up and went over to Brock & Lauren’s after work. He did a surprise proposal! I’m so excited for two of my BFFs to be getting married! They’re so great together, congrats guys!

Sean and I also attended the TIFF premiere of the Triumph film ‘Rock & Roll Machine’. It was nice to be out for an event but to be honest, it was also weird. I’m so not used to being inside an event venue with a large group. Didn’t stay long and went back over to celebrate with Lauren & Brock.

Lauren asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I’ve never been involved in planning a wedding before. Ahhhhh! Blondetourage wedding ftw!

Day 553: That Evening Sun

Had a nice bike ride after work and then met Michelle in a park. It was so lovely out, hanging onto these last summer days. Absolutely love that evening sun, magic hour.

I’ve been wearing this cute smiley ring from Santa Isla all summer and it makes me happy each time.

Day 552: Put on a New Outfit

Came home to a few packages and I was so excited to open them! I ordered a few new outfits for fall and almost everything fits perfectly. At this point, I am happy to shop online instead of going to a store. I still think about going to the mall a few weeks back and I don’t want to go back. Pandemic anxiety is real!

I haven’t been shopping much but it’s amazing how great it feels to put on a new outfit! You are looking at the face of a woman who is refreshed and ready to take on the week. Here’s to making it a good one!

Day 551: Forest Bathing

Worked from the cottage today to avoid long weekend traffic back to the city. It’s been so nice being up here the last few days. I know I’ve said it a ton of times but I love it up here so much. The lake, trees, garden, long walks in the woods.

Have you heard of ‘Forest Bathing’? Originating in Japan, it’s known as Shinrin Yoku which translates to “forest bath”. The practice of “bathing” in the atmosphere of the forest. To partake, simply walk through the woods, enjoying the presence of the trees and absorb the quiet benefits of forest therapy.

Highly recommend spending a few days in the woods, it will do amazing things for your soul.

Day 550: The Art of Sitting

Years ago I was with Sean and Emily at a family media event and one of the hosts was going around asking people their favourite activity. Most people said a sport or hobby and when they came to me, I said ‘sitting‘. She said ‘that’s not an activity‘, but I beg to differ. I love sitting on a couch, plane, boat, bike, beach, pretty much anywhere.

The art of sitting and being present where you are takes practice. I’ve wanted to get a nice patio set for the cottage for a while and today we found one on sale at Canadian Tire. The photos above are me in the front seat with a huge piece of the set and cushions around. I am very excited to sit on this down by the dock! Reading outside is one of my fav activities up here and our new set has enough room for at least two people to fully stretch out.

Day 549: Out of Office

You can find me here, by the lake. Out of office for a few days. Soaking up the sun or sinking into the couch.