my memory lacks initiative

I cruised home then flew to my hair appointment last night and in my head I could hear ‘tonight’s gonna be a good night’…..

The thing I love most about going to see Darren is checking in every six weeks with  updates about our lives. Both of us always have things to be excited about. I sit down in the chair, he plays with my hair, we chat and before I know it I’m root free and feeling beautiful.

I took him and a friend as dates to the Indie Week launch. I got a media pass and I WAS social media in full force.

I met a zillion bands and uploaded Twitpics of them so I could remember who’s who. That’s the great thing about the internet, it helps you remember stuff. I spent most of the time chatting to everyone on the patio  abut their bands and me being awesome. It was a blast.

I had the pleasure of FINALLY meeting the lovely little Carly from Fairley Agency in person. She’s adorable and her blog is Kap One Two. Totally forgot that Ashley works there also 🙂

I got a bunch of crap in my gift bag to look through tonight, had my nylons ripped & got my ass tapped with drum sticks. Overall, it was a good night.

I’m heading out again tonight to Hideout, Reverb and Bovine Sex Club before leaving for Montreal tomorrow. I will gladly give my media pass to someone this weekend. If you would like it leave a comment.

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