Crackdown on Public Drinking in Bellwoods

Crackdown on Public Drinking in Bellwoods

Was having lunch in Bellwoods with a friend today (as I so often do) and I must look like a hipster because I was interviewed by CBC about the recent crackdown on drinking in the park.

Public Park drinking in Bellwoods @casiestewart #thisismylife


I’m not sure when it will air but if you catch me on the tele, snap a pic! Apparently neighbours of the park have been cracking down on reporting public drinking and drug use (joint smoking?) in Bellwoods. I’ve had my share of afternoons in the park drinking a few tall cans with friends, it’s really fun! All I have to say is, if you’re drinking the park, don’t make a mess or be too obvious.

Enjoy the sunshine out there, it’s turned into a beautiful day!


What Do You Crave? @CoralTV Event at Beer Academy

What Do You Crave? @CoralTV Event at Beer Academy


Recognize these ladies? We’re just a few of the awesome hosts on Coral TV, Canada’s premiere lifestyle channel on YouTube. I’ve been a host for about a year and it kicked off just before Banff World Media Festival last summer. It’s been heaps of fun, I’ve covered a ton of tech topics and apps.

Today we’ve having an event at The Beer Academy for you to learn about our channel, sponsorship opportunities and meet the hosts. If you are interested in attending please email Sarah as per below and say you saw my blog post.

Coral - Canada's Premiere Lifestyle Channel on YouTube

I’m rocking my Coral shirt and will be at the event from 5-7pm. Learn more about Coral by visiting and see ALL the channel videos at We’ve just joined the Kin Community, The #1 Women’s Community on YouTube, and have some exciting things planned for  this year!


Have an awesome day!


coral TV hosts

Courage is the Most Important Virtue

Last night a bunch of us went out on the town. It was heaps of fun! First stop was the Praxis event at Hart House on the U of T Campus. Second was the annual party at Entrinsic. Nice to see the team there too! They have heaps of cool art done by Happy Sleepy. Lauren and I are sitting in front of one of the installations.

Best Friends Forever <3

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Best friends forever @laurenonizzle xoCASIE STEWART
This is Magda Wojtyra, an artist with a background in architecture and an energy unlike anything I’ve encountered. Google her.Lauren O’Neil
This.Lauren O’Neil

Video: Grey Goose Cherry Noir at Thompson Toronto

Video: Grey Goose Cherry Noir at Thompson Toronto

Last month the team at Community put on an awesome launch event for Grey Goose Cherry Noir. Despite the wretched weather that night, the event was a success. We trended to the #1 spot in Canada gaining a few million impressions for our client. It was my first big event with Community as the Director of Social Media and I was pretty happy with the results.

Watch the Grey Goose Cherry Noir Launch Video

One of my FAV parts of the launch was Instaprint, the Instagram printer we flew in from New York. People could tag their instagrams with #cherrynoir and have them print out at the event. It was so rad. i came home with a stack of about 20.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.55.06 AM

There are smaller launch events happening in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa over the next few weeks. If you haven’t had the chance to try Grey Goose Cherry Noir, pick up a bottle this weekend and have a go. Check out cocktails recipes and connect on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.