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Step Right Up and Get Your Tickets!

Last year about 100 people saved $5 on Toronto Festival of Beer tickets. I would love it  to be 200+ this year! It was a total blast. Super hot day, lots of sun,  got rained on, splashed in mud, drank 200 beers, and saw a bunch of bands. The Sheepdogs!


Beerfest 2011 Blog Post

Get a ticket at

Use CASIE as your discount code to save $5 on each ticket. 

It’s one of those summer weekends you don’t wanna miss.  Happy drinking my friends!


Skinny Girl Drinks, Nails Done, Brownie Pops, No Voice

All in a days work! Thank you to the wonderful team at Praxis PR for hosting a heap of the city’s hottest ladies for the launch of new drinks by Bethenny Frankel’s brand ‘Skinny Girl’. I love the chance to chitty chat with all my ladies. The food was excellent and all the drinks were all low cal. I had way too many of the cake pops that were actually brownie. I’ll be at the gym kthxbai.


It was hosted by Dina from Breakfast TV & she loves my style NBD.



Lozzie Pop’s on her bike, so cute. I need a new bike!


Front window at The Drake Hotel always has neat art, these blanket people threw me for a loop!


Stopped by Bloke & 4th on my way home for Taylor’s birthday & ran into my good friend, wait for it, you know him… PJ PHIL! The flash totally blinked out my tan but whatever.



Here is your mantra for the day…


Oh and I still have no voice 🙁

Have an awesome day! Gonna try and catch some rays in the park later. 

LATEX LUCHADOR LADY! Now, pour me a tequila!

Kink Engineering made me a lucky latex lucha for Cinco de Mayo! You like?

Awesome eh? I ordered mine to be pink & black to match upcoming latex bikini from Ego Assasin but there are a bunch of options available. Wearing latex is so incredibly rad. Got my real Mexican poncho in Playa del Carmen last year. I wish I was there right MEOW.

There’s a whole bunch of Lucha’s for Kink Engineering’s #LUCHADAY. See them all on their blog here. As a warning, links in this post are only kinda work safe, there’s latex & skin. Make sure your boss is on lunch when you click them! - Tonight I insist on eating authentic Mexican food while wearing a novelty sombrero


Relax & Recharge Dem Batteries, Girl.

I’ve been having a lovely relaxing day at home. I love Saturdays with no plans but home and the couch. Repaired some furniture, watched a few movies, sorted an array of business cards, and played Barbies with a mini munchkin. Movie marathon currently in progress so far we watched Hard Candy w/ Ellen Page, a psycho thriller and Waynes World. Next up looking for rom com and some foreign film to remind me of travelling.

These photos are from my  trip to our nations’s capital for Ottawa Fashion Week earlier this year. Have been using my camera less since I switched to iPhone and forgot about all kinds photos on it. Doh!

In the spirit of being Canadian, this video sums up all aI learned about prohibition on my trip to the Canadian Club HQ last month. The infographc is on PR newswire and you can read some of the other kids write-ups about the tour on Sidewalk Hustle and

It was done by the same film studio that did the vid I was in for Puma last year, 1188 Films.  We had so much fun with this campaign, celebrating After Hours Athletes. Hey, sometimes a victory is making last call 😉 This vid was the promo for the event, which was one of my fav parties ever. See the party vid on Puma’s YouTube.

Have an awesome day!


The Young & the Restless Influential

Went to The Hoxton last night for launch of Parts & Labour Catering. Everyone & their blog was there. Look, two of your most favourite blonde blogging buddies together again.


Brown Barbie is a really good date.


Ever had a bacon wrapped date? Yeah it was so good. I needed a bigger fork to shovel this tasty poutine into my mouth.


I didn’t make it to the taco station but I heard they were tasty. I must have missed the large meat table, one of my fav things at P&L parties.


I’m Grimes. #oblivion #digin #hoxton

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Some ding dong tried to say Raymi and I are not friends. Why do people do this? I don’t get it. Don’t talk smack, just deal with it.

My dress from Bicyclette was a statement piece. Souvenir from the night, signature P&L hat.


Thanks for a fun time old friends!