Canadian Club Prohibition Tour 2012

I recently went on a two day travel adventure with about 10 media peeps to the Canadian Club HQ in Windsor, Ontario. Lemme tell ya, you put a bunch of grownups (yeah, sounds weird eh?!) on a bus it’s just like being in school. Limo’s picked us all up, then we sitched to a stretch limo bus and off we went.

I shared a few photos about two weeks ago but these are the official Praxis PR ones taken by Ryan Emberly with a camera. See the whole album here. I absolutely loved this adventure. I felt like a kid the whole time, except well, the fact that we were drinking whisky. We arrived at the brand centre and were invited to make out own drinks. It was awesome. We had a tour of the place, learned the history, had a few more drinks and relaxed outside in the sun. It was super relax but well organized.

I can conly imagine the stories those walls could tell. The building is really, really old and was the main for trading liquor across the border during prohibition. The tunnel is still there and a few of the boys actually went in it. I was wearing a dress so I didn’t climb down but I took a video. Brock is down there somewhere.

There was a whole bunch of ‘fake’ Canadian Club that people used to sell during prohibition. I’d love to have this Toronto stuff, I wonder how it is compared to the original CC?

In the afternoon we played a game that had us running about the entire place with fake guns in teams. It was hilarious. School trip. Riot. This photo was taken in the original Speakeasy in the basement of the CC HQ. Al Capone used to hang out here. There’s a bullet hole in the wall.

On the second day we checked out the spot where they make all the whisky. It was rad to see the HUGE containers where it gets all mixed. I have a real love for touring breweries & distilleries. Once I toured Cascade Brewery in Hobart, Tazmania. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.

Before heading home we went to secret spot where you’re not allowed to take photos and saw the actually aging barrels. This is it. We tried some whisky that wasn’t aged yet and oh man, it was so strong. Just the smell of it would put hair on your chest. Not joking.

Thanks Praxis and the team at Canadian Club for the hospitality. Looking forward to drinking the rest of Canadian Club’s new spiced whisky, Dock 57. Cracked it open this weekend for a taste test 😉

Thanks for this shot Ryan!



This week I went to Twist Gallery for the after party for Vice’s movie PROJECT X.



Kwasi, Ross, Brock, Sam


Jean in H&M


Miss Emma Recourt from Timeless on Queen



Project X : mini review by Jason Nip

If you’ve watched the trailer you know what you’re about to see. 3 unpopular high school teens, parents leaving for a weekend trip and a house ripe for the most destructive house party ever captured by a shaky handheld camera.

What you don’t expect is just how far this party escalates and the number of “oh shit!” moments peppered with some laughs that carry the audience on a train ride to some unexpected dark places, keeping the genre fresh with a more realistic and less Disney like conclusion.

I half expected to hate the film and there are those who will but the bastard child of Superbad and Cloverfield works on most levels if you let it. It’s a ride you want to stay on till the wheels fall off and do they ever.

Project X hits theaters March 2nd.

Friday Night Lights #FordBlue


We all donned blue & headed to the Liberty Grand Friday to get a first glimpse at Ford’s new cars. I’ve got to meet a bunch of the Ford team lately and I’m super impressed with their attention to detail and how they integrate social media into everything. Well done team.


Sammy and I played magnetic car racing. We had one of these tracks at my house as a kid.


Nice chatting you Lena. Check her (Mommy) Blog here. She’s LOVELY!


Then Lau and I we went for drinks with the boys. The end 🙂



Weekend Recap: Feb. 3-5, 2012

Friday night Lozzie and I went to the Motion Ball Gala at the Carlu. Huge charity event for the Special Olympics.We danced a little, had a few drinks, and made some friends.  I didn’t win any prizes but happy to donate to a good cause.

I threw some of the Kevin Murphy pink from Doll Bar Inc. in my hair to match my purse (Betty Kiss) and pulled this old emerald gem out of my closet (H&M).


Learned a valuable lesson from coat check girly  (that I should have thought of), take a photo of your coat check ticket in case you lose it.


There was lots of nice art. Hi Gaga.


Oh hey Paul you lovely thang you. How’s The Grid?


We had a breif Skype w/ Stu in England via iPhone from the Ball.


Next stop Bloke & 4th was a total waste of time.


Met up with the rest of the crew/kids at Lau’s house. Got my fav hat back!


Snapped a dreamy pic of Sammy boy.


Saturday morning I had a dress fitting for upcoming fashion show during Ottawa Fashion Week. I’m wearing Canadian designer Rachel Sin. The dress I picked is really lovely but I’m keeping it a secret till showtime.


Spent the rest of Saturday on the coach. Finished season two & three of United States of Tara and watched a few movies. I was due for a day off. On Sunday Barbie and I cleaned the house, got groceries & went to yoga.

How was your weekend? Did you watch The Superbowl Madonna’s performance? It was so good.

God, I love her. I always have. I always will.

TBT to Dallas when I worked for Virgin America in 2010 and at  Rockstar Hotel during the Junos last year w/ these dudes. Last night was fun!

Ok bed time. Busy week ahead! 

I woke up to a feeling, every little thing has meaning.


Went to a really cool Boston bar last night called Lucky’s. They have a drink named after me called Firecracker. Omg it was so good. I think I had too many. Preparing for a 2pm hangover.


My flight today was cancelled so I’m getting home later tonight then planned. Bob and I are going for breakfast and I’m going to get the greasiest thing I can. Extra time at the airport (cause of delay) is good for getting work done. I’m sure I’ll have a breaking life report by then!

Happy Monday. Keep fit & have fun xoxo


I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.

This is where I live for the next few days. Luxor pyramid. can you believe I (randomly) had an Egyptian cab driver drop me off who wish me well in a language I didn’t understand. You should see how it lights up at night. Disco pyramid!


I’ve heard the expression ‘only in Vegas’ a bunch since arriving less than 24 hours ago. I get it now. What a crazy place. Driving the strip last night was surreal after seeing it in movies and on tv my whole life. Hello, hello is anybody out there?

Today I’m working from this massive Whole Foods market where they sell everything from booze to Toms and every single type of food. I made myself some pho which was really good but I put in WAY too many onions.


Last night I met my friends at the Bellagio where we went to a party at The Bank then Hyde then Spearmint Rhino. Super fun. We had security and a driver, things I could totally get used to. The DJ was THE one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff and bubbles were falling from the ceiling. At one point I think the smoke set off the fire alarm and the whole place spent about 3 minutes with no music.

I wonder how people that live here 24/7/365.25 days of the year handle it? I guess you get used to it.

In other news I have a photoshoot on Friday and am doing something on TV back home on Monday. Scooting back to hotel now to change shoes and go to YouTube party. Ran into Twitter friend/fan Alex Kinsela from home at a party last night and he invited me to today’s Mashable party. We have never met and we finally do in Vegas. Crazy. I guess anything can happen here!

Remember you are never going to be younger than you are right now, so enjoy it! Do something fun 🙂


* title is a quote by the great Oscar Wilde