I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.

This is where I live for the next few days. Luxor pyramid. can you believe I (randomly) had an Egyptian cab driver drop me off who wish me well in a language I didn’t understand. You should see how it lights up at night. Disco pyramid!


I’ve heard the expression ‘only in Vegas’ a bunch since arriving less than 24 hours ago. I get it now. What a crazy place. Driving the strip last night was surreal after seeing it in movies and on tv my whole life. Hello, hello is anybody out there?

Today I’m working from this massive Whole Foods market where they sell everything from booze to Toms and every single type of food. I made myself some pho which was really good but I put in WAY too many onions.


Last night I met my friends at the Bellagio where we went to a party at The Bank then Hyde then Spearmint Rhino. Super fun. We had security and a driver, things I could totally get used to. The DJ was THE one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff and bubbles were falling from the ceiling. At one point I think the smoke set off the fire alarm and the whole place spent about 3 minutes with no music.

I wonder how people that live here 24/7/365.25 days of the year handle it? I guess you get used to it.

In other news I have a photoshoot on Friday and am doing something on TV back home on Monday. Scooting back to hotel now to change shoes and go to YouTube party. Ran into Twitter friend/fan Alex Kinsela from home at a party last night and he invited me to today’s Mashable party. We have never met and we finally do in Vegas. Crazy. I guess anything can happen here!

Remember you are never going to be younger than you are right now, so enjoy it! Do something fun 🙂


* title is a quote by the great Oscar Wilde

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  1. PlayingMyGuitar
    January 11, 2012 / 9:46 pm

    I got married 2 years ago in Vegas!!  When I was there, the photographer at my wedding, mid twenties, said the young people that have grown up there HATE the strip.  They avoid the whole area and it is SOOOOOOO uncool to be seen there.

    I think they are missing out on some good times!!  More for us!!

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