Day 608: Make A Walk Work

Dear Diary, today I went for a walk at 3:45 to pick up an order from Indestructible Mfg about 15 mins from the house. I went for a run this morning but I think I really need to stay prioritizing a walk in the day. With clocks changing this weekend I want to make sure I get some sun each day. Having less daylight and the colder temps has gotten the best of me sometimes and I know I need to actively prepare. In 2020 I wrote a series of things to help beat Seasonal Affective Disorder, see them all here. This is the first time, in a long time that I’ve had a full-time job and don’t want to fall into old habits. When it gets dark by 6 pm, it’s easy to keep working and miss the day. Note to self: make a walk work. Used a set of velcro rollers I ordered online and they actually looked better IN my hair than after. I need to practice and use a hair oil when I take them out next time, my hair was mega frizz. In other news, work is going great and I’m excited to tell you…

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Day 311: Amber is the Color of Your Energy

Today was a good day. Left the house late afternoon to meet Natalie and her dog Chloe for a walk before the sun went down. We sat outside in the park by the Telus Centre near the Royal Conservatory of music, then went around the park. Walked through some of the University of Toronto buildings and I recognized a bunch of from Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix. There are heaps of recognizable locations if you’re watching the show, see some of them here on BlogTO. Good show, I’ll finish it tonight. Before heading home I had a little meetup outside with Nelson & Talia. We went to Eatily and got groceries. It felt like being out on the town! It’s been so long since I went to a place with anyone other than Sean. We were all wearing masks and only inside a grocery store, but it was invigorating! Earlier in the day, after my run, I tried a TikTok hair trend to do natural, heatless waves with a belt from a robe. I wasn’t sure how it worked at first but as the day went on, the curls relaxed and my hair looked great. I can’t wait to try…

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DEFY: dare, face, challenge the power

Started using a new phone, Motorola DEFY from Telus. This thing is (almost) indestructible. The Motorola Defy™ with MOTOBLUR™ has a water-resistant, dustproof design, and a scratch-resistant display. Powered by Android 2.2 and available only from TELUS. I can also Create a Wi-Fi® hotspot to share internet with up to 8 devices (ipad, laptop). Camera is 5mp, only thing that would make it best phone yet would be front facing camera. I can swipe to text on the touchscreen which is pretty rad & surprisingly accurate. You know I’m hard on my gadgets and this phone is made for someone with a lifestyle like me. It’ made to be life proof. This is the commercial you may have seen on TV recently. Party looks fun eh.

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