The Most Wonderful Time of Year! ??

It is no secret that I love Halloween. Every year my friends and I dress up for as many outings as we can. October 1st is Saturday which also happens to be Nuit Blanche. I will 100% be kicking off All Hallow’s Month with some type of elaborate costume.

One year I was practising zombie makeup at 10:30am on a Tuesday, then decided to go get groceries, about 2 weeks before Halloween. I got heaps of stares with my scary face but I loved every single minute of it. Thank goodness for the internet because I was able to find a selfie from that exact moment. 

Zombie Girl getting groceries!

This year, I got the jump on Halloween supplies via Amazon. I ordered a bunch of new wigs and decorations last week. FYEAH Prime! I’m not sure exactly what costumes these wigs will be for but I don’t really care! Bring on all the costumes!

Find my wings here Blonde WigBrunette Wig / Pink Party Wig

I’m planning to have a few friends over the weekend before Halloween for some spooky spirits and a haunted photo booth. The backdrop I ordered via Amazon Prime arrived today and it’s perfect! Earlier this year I ordered a backdrop stand and we have it set up in the living room ready to go. Halloween Headshots all month! 

Halloween Vinyl Photo Background

Took this at the Zombie Walk a few years ago!

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