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I Partied at Twitter HQ in Canada…

I Partied at Twitter HQ in Canada…

Made it to the nest! Last night Twitter Canada had a ‘nest warming’ party at their brand new office located in Toronto’s King West. 

They invited a small-ish group of Twitteratti (old school Twitter slang for influencers), agency folks, media, and sales people to check out the new digs, connect over drinks, snacks, and of course TWEET.

Pretty much anything that could be Twitterized, was. They had Twitter pillows, water, soap, and even a toaster that puts the Twitter bird on your bread. 


Brendan Canning from Broken Social Scene was on the decks. Loved his old school beats.


There’s lots of nice art on the walls. I was especially drawn to this, it’s an illustration of how the new Twitter logo was created. 

The original Twitter bird was designed by Simon Oxley and I’ve got a tattoo that looks really similar.  
Carol Zara and I had a few laughs visiting all the different rooms that were set up with reminders of special Twitter moments and notable users. 




Twitter has a group of Vine Magicians, what a cool job! See our Vine here


Was great to see these two, Abby Ho and I used to work together back in the MuchMusic/MTV days. We used to go to Tweetups ALL THE TIME back in the day, circa 2009/2010. 


Thanks Twitter for a nice evening. It was great to check out the new office. 

As you can see I made myself right at home!

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Have an awesome day! 💘🙌🏼


Take Sunshine Wherever You Go! ☀️

Take Sunshine Wherever You Go! ☀️

Hi hi, yesterday was a great day. Today is jam packed one but it’s doing things I love so it doesn’t really feel like work. 

This is a short update for now b/c I am heading to a shoot I’m directing for a client campaign! See Twitter for updates and Snapchat for the BTS! (Behind the Scenes, mum!)

Check out this fine group of 1188 + Occupied VR + CFC crew from HotDocs last week.

Partied with deadmau5 last night. Thanks Tim Hortons!

Got to watch/take part in a magic show.


The food was really good. That’s deadmau5 getting some steak before me. I saw opted for the no-bread option so I did that too.  


Here’s wishing you a wonderful day. It’s already SOOOOOO NICE OUT.  Take the sunshine wherever you go! ☀️