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    crazie//:casie.racie.spacie.energetic.dynamic.distinct.animated.always entertaining. fastmoving. never.slowing.down.. sexy. preppy. intellectually stimulating. sexi. stewart. delicate and decent, like diana, ladylike, its her middle name. a very laidback kind of girl. sortof radiant. sparkling the way the sun shines,when even out of sight and glowing, still gleaming. she even she has a sister stewart.sibling:also social &.s.m.a.r.t.

    meh. total hotness…..

    Today is super hot.I’m talking 36*c and it feels like 47*c. Why not blog about it……? lol. 

    me me me!!!gimme a kiss!! today is tuesday, maybe i’ll hit up the drum circle in queens park tonight @ 8ish. it is super hot out.i had wendy’s for lunch and there was mold on my burger bun so i got my money back and asked for a frosty. the frosty was so so so good. i loved it. who doesn’t love an icy frosty on a hot day…. hmm, i do not know!!! peace out for now! xoxo casie 

    Bridle Bash II; WHAT A @%$#$ PARTY!!!!!!

    The Bridle Bash II, what an amazing party. Burton Cummings & the Burton Cummings band were there. It was super hot. The pool was packed with convert viewers some who include JD from INXS, Miss Canada, Casie & friends and many, many, many more. It was an amazing party, enough said,I was there until the sun came up. The party raised $300,000 for the children of camp Oochigeas. The music was rockin and the people were great. I saw that you could buy tickets from ebay with the starting bid at $1,000!! Damn! Go here: www.bridlebash.com to find more pictures and info about the party!! 

    Kultura is hot like Couture.

    Kultura Restauraunt; 169 King Street East, Toronto, Ontariowww.kulturarestauraunt.com Check it out. Its hot. 

    Kultura is open for biz!!

    On Friday night, Jay had the opening of his most recent project Kultura. Kultura is a restoraunt, lounge located at 169 King Street, the South East corner of King & Jarvis here in Toronto. After months of work & renovations the spot is finally open for business. The place is beautiful, it is a lounge reatauraunt with good vibes, good music and good food. I love it. For info or reso’s call:416.363.9000 



    I tried to chase the subway…..and I don’t recomend it.

    This one time, after a few drinks (don’t you love these stories), I tried to catch the subway.Like, litterally, I tried to catch it by chasing it……I didn’t catch it.But it was truly entertaining, thats for sure.

    Foot in Mouth, A Case of

    So, Roxy totally put her foot in her mouth this time. She thought her sister was beside her and made a silly fat joke.But instead, there was a big fat lady there…..whoopsy!!

    Prefessional Dancers!!! REAL DANCE

    My sister is in school for professional dance. Her and George, our friend can dance so good. This is them dancing to Sean Paul, ‘Breakout’.They are REALLY GOOD though, seriously.

    To smoke or Not to Smoke? That is the Question here……….

    Smoking: Roxy says: ‘lets kill another smoke’ with a deadly mean laughCasie says: smoking is ‘so fucking cool’

    Roxy’s Cartoon

    Roxy can’t have sugar. It is really convenient that on Friday’s we have cake day.

    Friday Cartoon Contest

    So, Ian, Roxy and I decided to have a ‘Natalie Dee’ like Friday Cartoon Contest. This is my entry:


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