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Have you seen these yet? They’re beautiful!

This weekend I had Saturday morning coffee with Andrew Dobson. He’s the blogger babe behind dobbernation.com and regular writer for Metro News Canada. We checked out the rainbow crosswalks in The Village and gabbed about adventure. It’s so lovely to chat one on one with a friend in the sun.


I almost got a ticket from this hot cop but told him I was getting a photo and jumped in the car with a smile.


Toronto Pride is extra special this year because it’s World Pride and we’re hosting! I’ve been going to Pride since Dad took Jenie and I when we were kids. Have some really great moments and blogged about them around this time last year. 

From now to the end of the month is crazy time w/MMVA, NXNE , Pop Up Perrier, 2 speaking gigs AND Pride. I’ll have heaps of stories to share and it will feel great when July long weekend rolls around.

Here’s a few of my fav photos from Toronto Pride over the years. Thank googness for Google! All the pride photos I’ve every posted rounded up in one quick search.

Toronto Pride Memories

Jenie + Me, Stewart sister power!

Last year w/ Sean on Church Street

With love,


Liberty Village: A Village Within The City

Renter's News App by Yellow Pages

In filmed this short video for Renters Guide with Wall2Wall Media a few months ago (you can tell by the hair). They’re part of the Yellow Pages group and provide real estate media solutions so agents/landlords/developers can reach people like us.  They’ve been in the biz for 25 years and next week I’m hosting an event where they debut this new app.

Renter's News App by Yellow Pages

I used to spend heaps of time in Liberty Village when I worked Toronto Carpet Factory building from 2010-2012. Places to grab lunch or afterwork drinks were few and far between back then Now, Liberty Village is hub of businesses, agencies, places to eat, and more. In this vid, I share some of my fav things about Liberty Village. Below are some notable Canadians featured this video series too.

Content in Context – Neighbourhood and Lifestyle Videos

  • Chef Massimo Capra introduces us to the best meat shop in Port Credit, Mississauga
  • Urban Suburban TV hosts/real estate experts Sarah Daniels and Philip DuMoulin, unveil English Bay’s breathtaking views from Kitsilano, Vancouver
  • Olympic Curler Cheryl Bernard strolls through the beautiful parks in Bridgeland, Calgary
  • Country music star and radio host Clayton Bellamy feasts on the best burger in Windemere, Edmonton

If you’re interested you can DL the app from iTunes and find them on Twitter and FB at @RentersGuide_CA and TheRentersGuide. See the full press release here.

Customize Everything | Laptop Skin w/ My Face Yo

I looked pretty dorky but in a cool way at the Drake Hotel for dinner last night. I grabbed my computer and ran out the door not relly thinking about the fact I was wearing the same dress! Photo was taken when we were in California last summer, that was a great vacation.

One of the cool things about GelaSkins (where I have been working the last few months) is the Create Your Own section on the website. You can upload any photo and make a case for your phone or skin for your laptop. Over the next couple months, you’ll see a bunch of new products (aside from tech accessories) that you will be able to customize. I am a HUGE fan of customizing everything. I’ve always wanted my name and face on stuff.

If you are interested in making something for yourself, your business, mama, or BFF, LMK. Happy to help you out or hook you up.

With love & light,