Day 116: The Stingray

Sean has been cleaning up the Corvette (1982 Stingray) today. I love this car so much but it’s been sitting in the garage, unused, for years now. It’s been in his family since he was a teenager. I think he finally has a buyer!

My parents used to have a very similar model when they moved to Canada in the late ’70s. It was the first brand new car they ever bought.

It was really sunny today and I’ve been working on my tan. ?

Always nice to end the day with a sunset boat cruise. We’ve had a bit of a tough time w/ Emily the last few weeks and after a few good family chats it’s was nice to see her smiling on the boat today. This quarantine and lockdown has been hard on kids, no friends, no school, and being stuck at home all the time.

Let’s hope for a another day with lots of smiles tomorrow.