This year’s TedX theme was Redefinition “A changing definition can be the most powerful force on Earth. A re-definition can change the world.”. Great job by the entire team. I left Friday feeling inspired, that we are the future and we are changing the world around us.

Took some street style to see what the smart kids were wearing Friday at TedXToronto.

Lots of babes in the house. When I say house I mean Royal Conservatory of Music, Telus Centre.

Awesome work by the organizing team  (below). See the guy on the far right? Co-Chair Ryan Merkley and I served as founding members of the Youth Advisory Committee Council in Cambridge 10+ years ago. I was Director of Public Relations, he was Chair. We governed youth issues that affected Cambridge youth with the City Council. That was my first real experience with PR!

Dr. Draw was amazing on the violin. Dancers were great too.

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This performance was controlled by words used combined with the #tedxtoronto hashtag.


Loved this kid, Nicholas, 17 year old math whiz who’s invented a new way to micro search the web. Fascinating.

Great talk by David Miller.

Afterparty was at Steamwhistle! Lovely to hang out with my kiwi girl Kristen.

O’Nizz and I love photobooth.


Went sailing on Lake Ontario yesterday with a friend. It was great. Felt like a mini-vacation.

Meet Bandit.

I love this city, so damn pretty.

Cue Mickey Avalon, So Rich, So Pretty.

I can only imagine how lovely it was for Mum on her sailing trip. I absolutely love, love, love sailing.

Nothing like being on the water.

It was just windy enough to get a little speed.

This one reminds me of you Mum.

Blogged most of this from a taxi on my Macbook Air using Telus mobile 3G wifi en route to the Telus Centre for TEDxToronto. WHOA. THE FUTURE is friendly!!



Full on day yesterday. I love being busy but sometimes I wonder what it’s like to work 9-5pm and leave your work at home. I used to do that a few years ago but how easy you forget.

Got a one year membership to Bixi from my friends at Telus yesterday. Stephen and I met with branding team about our show that launches in less than a month. We’ve got some neat stuff planned with some pretty cool people. The show is called Ay Caramba Career Show and it will air Thursday night’s at 6pm EST starting September 8th. We’ll be talking about chat about careers in emerging industries & trends. To sign up for all the deets go here and we’ll keep you posted. Stephen is pretty funny and I reckon you will enjoy his rhymes and jokes.

Today I’m filming a video with the Gladstone Hotel for the relaunch of the Melody Bar. Stopping by Doll Bar to see my ladies & get some feathers in my hair. Darren is doing my hair at Darren Kwik studio. Both spots are on Queen Street and will give you 10% off your purchase. Go see them! They’ve been taking wonderful care of me. 🙂

Title of this post is very valuable information I learned for my lawyer last night. I’m doing all kinds of new things & emerging industries so I figure best to run them by an expert. He told me to think about that when there is a problem and the solution is already out there, we just have to find it.

Read a bunch of Jack Layton’s tweets last night. Quite sad over his passing. I really liked him. His funeral is Saturday at Roy Thompson Hall. I’m going. There’s petition to have the CN Tower orange for him. I hope Rob Ford says yes. Sign it here.

Check out this fun experiment from Improve Anywhere (love those guys) called Say Something Nice.

Would you speak up and say something nice?

I would for sure. Have an awesome day.

Remember, you’re younger today than you will be tomorrow, make the most of it!





First day for a while it’s not been sunny out. I find myself to be very productive on these days. Dive right into my computer!

This song is a good motivator.

I’m on the edge of glory, I’m on the edge! I wanna do the EDGE WALK on the CN Tower.

Hair is back to a nice blonde. I really wanna grow it out this winter. It’s a mega process. Had it short for so long now. If I focus I can do it. I mean, make it through the awkward stages! Got any tips? Luckily I love wearing hats.

Really loving new desk setup. Mac things are so pretty. My Dodo Case for iPad is totally busted. Basically a scrap of bamboo. I really need to EM them about that. Got a new Motorola DEFY yesterday adn I’m happily back on the Telus Mobile Network.

Doing a photo shoot tonight with Lauren, Raymi, Anna and some babes for PinkMafia. Had a wicked sleep last ngiht so hopefully I don’t look tired! Off to a camera shop & hopefully will have some good news about  new project by end of day.

Make it a great one 🙂

* Loving Spotify and title is from Mumford & Sons ‘The Cave’. So good.