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nothing like sleeping in your own bed again

I stayed up late after I arrived home last night, couldn’t sleep. I got into my leopard snuggie and watched all last week’s episodes of the Young and the Restless in a row. Slept till two in the avo today and feeling quite energized now. I’ve gotta clean up all the goodies I have scattered around the house. My Kiwi friends wanted to know what the view was like from my house. It’s quite cloudy today but you get the idea. This is the CN tower. Puts Aucklands SkyCity tower to shame, sorry kids. They do have the tallest free standing in the Southern Hemisphere though. May-jah traffic here. This is the airport, Porter Airlines I told you about. Really great airline. Stylish outfits & great service. Good thing I have this spankin’ new LG Kompressor Vacuum to help me clean up the mess from dumping my  suitcase and heaps…

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leaving on a jet plane

Good morning. Had a FREAKOUT this morning. No not because of my adventure but because my  blog was hacked. Don’t do that. Seriously. Who the fuck hacks a sunshine-rainbow-fantasty-glitter blog like mine? Looooooooosers. Panic at my disco when I got the notification. Seriously. First thought, shit, I leave for NZFW today what the hell imma do? Please don’t hack things, it’s not nice. Bad actions/vibes you put into the universe have a magnetic particles and like attracts like and they will all come back to you. Be careful. Heaps of clothes. Thanks to Canadian designers Paris Li, Andy Hall and Nella Bella for outfitting me with style. Thanks to Telus for my phone + keeping me connected. Thanks Betty Kiss for the massive suitcase &  reversible clutches.  I packed shoes galore, Doc’s, cowboys, wellies and five other pairs. It’s fashion week followed by chill time with the fams, totes necesary.…

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yesterday on twitter, this happened:

#tiff10 (@ LCBO) http://4sq.com/6P8Ajd # The cutest thing @brockmclaughlin http://twitpic.com/2mum1f # Branding in full force. http://twitpic.com/2muija # At the Drake w/ the best crew @brockmclaughlin @carlyannedotcom @kaponeoh @downwithwebster @matthewstylist @bucky_buck @randallchannel #tiff in reply to brockmclaughlin # Thanks for the brew @thedrakehotel Stella! http://twitpic.com/2mt6d5 # Party started! #tiff10 w/ @brockmclaughlin @carlyannedotcom woot http://twitpic.com/2msun8 #

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downtown where the hippies all go

Met a friend early for coffee, planning awesomism for 2011. Can you believe 2012 is just over a year away? Go live up your life man, might be over soon. Got my hair done, back to blonde roots and trim. I love hair done day, Darren Kwik is my stylist. He is really good and he gives great style. He told me the other day that a girl came in and asked for “the Casie Stewart”. Love it. Let’s start an army, bloundetourage style. Posting this via WordPress Mobile on Motorola Backflip from Telus. This phone is pretty rad, good photos, love the apps, have all my accounts hooked up so I stay connected. Big thanks to Telus and Motorola, I’ve been on the network since March and as a Telus first timer, I’m happy. I’ve been typing this walking up Queen Street West and hardly looking up. Just about…

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robo boogie

nataliedee.com Sin-O-Matic tonight! (@ Machine) http://4sq.com/8nIAH1 # phone is working great in the USA, actually seen a couple peeps with the same model for once, thanks @telus #ilu # #godlovesgaga & so does @jesus heh heh. # daily dose of awesome: : Pahk the cah in Havahd Yahd, get a kwafee https://casiestewart.com/harvard-yard/ # you are too funny. love it. RT @Mikealbertini: Photo: #storyofmylife stolen from https://casiestewart.com/warpedtour/ http://bit.ly/aGl8ex # The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. – Oscar Wilde # kickin it #poolside w/ peeps, so hot out! #awesome http://twitpic.com/26870l # last night i went clubbing, in Boston. Mad dance party + met some babes https://casiestewart.com # daily dose of awesome: : saint boston = dance party https://casiestewart.com/saint-boston-dance-party/ # omg congrats on your engagement @mrsnikkinewman & @victornewman! you belong together. # I just got 200 shares of #NUS http://bit.ly/d96Aif (cc @michaelnus) #empireave # Photo: This…

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the daily twitter talk for 2010-07-17

Table grill here. So nice! (@ Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse) http://4sq.com/94Bd7E # Me & BFF Ellen! #boston http://twitpic.com/25w5ug # home for the night (@ Doubletree Guest Suites Boston) http://4sq.com/aXZTYK # In the USA and wanna say @telus, #ILU 🙂 # love these peeps #ff @kristenannehill @MichaelNus @cbrooker @safekidzone @nelsongrappa @photojunkie @randeepk @rlangdon @cellguru in reply to kristenannehill # Looking forward to #nuscabana Sunday 🙂 # Back of friends jeep heading downtown Boston! Dinner w/ 10 friends tonight! Woot! http://post.ly/nU72 # Photo: Afternoooooooooon! http://tumblr.com/xmjdkfmpx # Photo: hollaaa. loving this weekend. so thankfull for great friends! http://tumblr.com/xmjdkd7tj # Hanging poolside with a beerski and loving life. #FF to my peeps holding down the fort @muchmusic @mtvcanada @muchmoretv. Back next week! today the daily awesome comes from just outside Boston https://casiestewart.com #blog how would you describe me in #140chars need it for an assignment and ‘crazy awesome’ is just not long enough. heh heh…

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my fav android market downloads

These are my fav apps I’ve downloaded to my Motorola Milestone android phone mini-computer from Telus.  Figured it was about time I shared them with you. By far the coolest thing I’ve ever seenon anyone’s phone – Google Sky Map. With Google Sky Map for Android you have the magic to discover, view and search the sky by pointing your phone to outerspace. It’s keeps me up at night, stargazing. I searched The Southen Cross, a star constallation I have tattooed on my back, my very first tattoo. You can see it in the southern Hemisphere near New Zealand & Australia. Last night, I found it from my bed. Makes the world seem small, and me there looking at it,  bigger than life. I don’t really play games that much but two that I’ve kept are Labyrinth and Jewels . They both kinda make you smarter which makes me happy,…

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stopped having a bad day & started being awesome

I love Twitter for so many reason but one of them is this…FRIENDS! Friends that are always there to cheer you up because sometimes a little thing happens to steer you in the wrong direction. Today I  kinda got off to a bad start and naturally, I tweeted… then before you know it my friends popped out of the internet, took action and typed me some sunshine. You can’t get that type of widespread instant happiness anywhere else. I tried to take a pic of my outfit but it’s impossible with a phone camera. I really miss having my camera. Don’t you miss my outfit shots? Well, I do and that’s really what matters here. I’ll get a new one soon. Maybe this week. Anyone have a hookup with Canon/Kodak/Camera Store? I’ll love you forever just like I love Telus for hookin’ a sista up with the most amazing phone,…

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is mobile the future?

Posted this using WP Mobile app from the Android shop on my Motorola Milestone from Telus. Pretty happy with it. I can’t choose justification or edit the photos but overall, pretty good.  Chrome wont let me make these images bigger. There’s no formatting on mobile and images default to the top of the post.  I’m gonna try mobile posting a bit more this week. I post via mobile to Tumblr, Posterous, Youtube, 12Seconds.tv, Facebook and obviously Twitter. Why not wordpress too? I also downloaded Google Chrome today and think my blog be lookin’ sexy in it. Enjoy my little story. There was a girl who loved to take photos, of herself mostly. She would take photos all day posting them freely about the internet. She could do this ALL DAY  as it didn’t matter WHAT was happening NOTHING made her happier than sharing. One fine day, she was in the…

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hurricane in the heart of devastation,

she’s a natural disaster

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a whirlwind, or my life as referred to as so.  I think it started with Mum years and years ago. I operate on fast speed, I play hard and I rarely hold back on thoughts feelings or anything really. Although, its sometimes hard throwing yourself out there (I get anxiety over it), its also allowed me to be more open, free, wild and live with no regrets. I remember this one saying I heard that said something like ‘you need to be young & foolish in order to be old & wise’.  I surely will be very old & wise one day.  As for now, urgh, still learning. Thought I lost my phone the other day, we’ve been apart since Sunday night and it’s waiting at my concierge at the moment. I nearly died, and definitely though about dying when…

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so you wanna play shy with me boy

* All these pix taken with my Motorola Milestone from Telus yesterday was beautiful as is today every day is beautiful if you want it to be i went uptown and around in the sunshine all the while the tower was playing hide and sneak brunch with Jonny from Shop My Clothes gotcha Alexi interviewed Jack Osbourne the other day about what kinda girls he likes…I dig it. jacko part 1: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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goats jumping with smiling faces

I read about Google launching Social Stream today which is awesome cause I’m a huge lover and user of Google products. It’s also amazing because a Motorola Milestone’s gonna arrive at my desk today. I recently made BFF’s with Telus and when my girl there heard about me losing the phone she took care of the situation right away. Yes, I’m a very lucky girl. This things is like a mini Google computer and I’m stoked. It runs on Android 2.0 and has a 5MP camera and a flash (important features for me). The screen is huge and I’ve heard it’s kinda heavy, I like heavy. It doesn’t come out for Telus customers until March, you’re hearing it first here Canada. I remind myself all the time not to let things I can’t control get me down. This, once again is a lesson that good things will come if you…

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a totally brutal situation.

The most fun part of the night was getting dressed, the anticipation and being surrounded by friends. The girls have good photos, I’ve only got twitpics. The worst part was how packed it was, and all the things that went missing, oh just the fact that the Jersey Shore crew arrived at midnight only to spend the whole night downstairs. Pauly D was actually DJing at Suite 106. Our both was barely a booth at all. It was a small table stacked with Smirnoff and plastic cups. The place is dirty and you can smoke inside. People were standing on our seats and pushing. I’ve not gone to a club like that in the club district like that since I was like 19 (probably the average age their last night). So brutal. I can only imagine what the lives of the Situation & Pauly D are like cause there were…

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A blog is a best friend you find within yourself.

I’ve been thinking, about making changes.  I’m always making changes. I wanna wear high heels again. I wanna change my blog. I wanna change my hair, just a little. I used to write stories to myself about what I was thinking more often. Really helps me sort out my thoughts, like therapy.  A blog is a best friend you find withing yourself who is always there to listen and look at your pretty pictures.   I’ve been falling in love with Tumblr lately. Thinking about cheating on WordPress. I’ve recently had my hands all over the BB Storm  from Telus and I’m liking the touchscreen. It moves when you press it like a keyboard, it’s a good photographer and it’s kinda heavy which I like.  I’m spending today home alone and it ‘s great to be not hungover. Instead of GYM, TANNING, LAUNDRY today I’m COUCH, ICE CREAM, MOVIE and it…

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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