Events | No Good Woman Left Behind

Events | No Good Woman Left Behind

Last week I told you an awesome story about how Telus went out of their way to do something awesome for one of their longest standing customers, Ramona. See that story here. This week, they are sponsoring a story on my blog for me to highlight someone in my community. I’ll be donating the money earned from this post to the story I’m about to share.

I’ve picked a friend who has contributed to the Toronto tech & social community for years, graced the stage with her burlesque skills, and recently displayed the utmost strength as she was recently diagnosed with Cancer.

I’d like you to meet Carolyn Van.

Carolyn is a 28 year old young woman, born & raised downtown Toronto.  She loves spending time in dance studios, tweeting & talking about technology and sharingher love for design. She’s an educator, entrepreneur, innovator and all around amazing human.

In mid-March 2014, Carolyn was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. I can only imagine what it would be like for a woman who is so busy working, teaching, speaking, and making the world a better place, to have Cancer disrupt her mojo. I’m impressed with Carolyn’s ability to remain positive and share her story. She’s been documenting her ups and downs on her blog “Cancer Chose The Wrong Woman to F%$! With“.

I’ve known Carolyn for a few years and two years ago we were part of the Army of Sass with the fine ladies below (and my sister!). Run by Carla Catherwood, the Army of Sass is a burlesque troupe empowering women to put on their high heels, share their high hopes, and bust a move on stage. We had so much fun!

We performed in December 2012 at the Mod Club for 2 nights to a totally sold venue each night. It was a an amazing bonding experience for us all. The experience of performing on stage for a packed house is so energizing!

I’ve joined some of Carolyn’s closest friends from the Toronto dance and technology communities,  to put together a fundraiser for her on July 30, 2014. The “No Good Woman Left Behind” fundraiser at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club will be in Carolyn’s honour and to drive awareness of Lymphoma Cancer. Event ticket and auction proceeds will go towards helping to subside her medical and personal costs during treatment and healing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.09.39 AM

 Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.09.45 AM

You’ll be able bid on some fantastic gift packages from Toronto Symphony OrchestraArts & Crafts ProductionsHigh Heels High Hopes and see performances  To donate, get tickets, or find out more information visit

 I would like to thank Telus for sponsoring me to highlight a strong person I admire in my community. Carolyn has been reading my blog and been a friend for years. I’ll be donating the money earned to No Good Woman Left Behind and I hope to see you at the event on July 3o, 2014.

With love,


TELUS truly cares about the communities where we live, work and play. Putting customers first is our top priority and guides everyttelusvideohing we do, from our Give Where We Live philosophy to our Customers First days.  See how TELUS gave loyal customer, Ramona, a big surprise to thank her for being such a great customer for almost 20 years. Watch it here.



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