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Something I really love about life is the uncertainty of not knowing what the day will bring you. Opportunity, challenges, happiness, stress, whatever it is, I accept. Woke up today feeling kinda meh. Waited ages for a driver from CO-OP, they should be called slow-op. Was angry for a few minutes seconds but had a lovely chat with concierge while waiting.

Arrived at 1 King West during morning session break at Dell CAP. I didn’t realize how big the thing was before I went. I was taken to my seat (which I then realized) was two seats down from the moderator (Mark Evans), beside a Dell exec. and in clear view of the livestream. I don’t know WHAT I was expecting but it wasn’t this. I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m not a Dell user, nor do I have any Dell products and before today I knew very little about the brand or company. I was impressed by the attention to detail, organization, and care the people at Dell have to their business. There were not more than 30 people, some local, others flown in from across Canada & the US. We shared ideas about brands we thought were doing things well in customer service, purchasing, sustainability and social media. My favourite part was the Social Media Discussion which included all Dell Panelists. The livestream is available to watch in sections here. This is the segment lead by Mark Graham (Rightsleeve) & myself on SM:


Everyone met in the Vault for cocktail hour and I walked to Ryerson University were I was speaking to the Image Arts Union & other students about personal branding & social media. We had a good discussion going for a while and in the middle of my talk the lights went out. Like, OUT OUT BLACKOUT. I made Halloween jokes and said ‘Happy Halloweeeeen” in a creepy voice and continued to talk with a little bit of light from the hallway. It was kinda nice.

I met lots of really great people today and spent and full day talking about brands & social media. It’s inspiring to see people from corporate executives who don’t get it and students who’ve grown up with The Internet showing interest in this stuff. Social media, internet & mobile allow us to build & cultivate our brands (business/personal) faster and to a wider audience than ever before.


See you in Austin! #SXSWi

Digging Skeet Skeet’s P.U.K. mix by FTP. Fitting for today ’cause I’m feeling PUMPED UP! Reminds me, Mum learned “LOL IRL” yesterday and was like “ooh, I like that.” haha enough acronyms yet? NBD.

Pumped Up Kicks (Skeet Skeet Remix) by Mikemusichealth

Social Change Through the Social Web: The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Today I’m biking over to Yonge Dundas Square (where I won a car last week!) to launch, an online hub that connects volunteers with non-profits through micro-volunteering.

There’s gonna be a fun ‘Wipeout’ style game for uni kids and I’m a judge with Jeremy Taggart of Our Lady Peace and Daniel Johnson from Stereos. The whole fun event is hosted by Sheena from MTV Live. We’re volunteering our time and is making a $20,000 contribution to a charity of our choice.

My charity is the Moving Windmills Project which supports Malawian-run rural economic development and education projects in Malawi. Mum introduced me to William’s story and I wanted to get involved. Here’s his TED Talk so you can be inspired too.

For more info on micro-volunteering in Canada see Koodonation on Newswire here or check out the site at If you’re around today come to YD Square & say HELLOOOOOO!

Jillian, Jillian, Jillian Jiggs!

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Instead of cleaning my room I’m blogging about cleaning my room while NOT AT ALL cleaning my room. Phone vibrates  on the counter and the thing get’s my attention again. Damn. Just got a ticked to AndroidTO. Going to opening night of Another Africa a Canadian Stage production.  Imagine the ADD people are gonna have years from now. Crazy. Is there an app for Mum telling you to clean your room? SO nice & warm out today eh. Our place is really sunny. I got Alpha-getti for lunch. Tomorrow I do that cleanse and I’m kinda nervous/excited. I love that feeling.

Ok, this has gone on long enough.

Computer and internet, you are a distracting combo. An open door for creativity that never EVER sleeps.

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Redefinition: A re-definition can change the world.

This year’s TedX theme was Redefinition “A changing definition can be the most powerful force on Earth. A re-definition can change the world.”. Great job by the entire team. I left Friday feeling inspired, that we are the future and we are changing the world around us.

Took some street style to see what the smart kids were wearing Friday at TedXToronto.

Lots of babes in the house. When I say house I mean Royal Conservatory of Music, Telus Centre.

Awesome work by the organizing team  (below). See the guy on the far right? Co-Chair Ryan Merkley and I served as founding members of the Youth Advisory Committee Council in Cambridge 10+ years ago. I was Director of Public Relations, he was Chair. We governed youth issues that affected Cambridge youth with the City Council. That was my first real experience with PR!

Dr. Draw was amazing on the violin. Dancers were great too.

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This performance was controlled by words used combined with the #tedxtoronto hashtag.


Loved this kid, Nicholas, 17 year old math whiz who’s invented a new way to micro search the web. Fascinating.

Great talk by David Miller.

Afterparty was at Steamwhistle! Lovely to hang out with my kiwi girl Kristen.

O’Nizz and I love photobooth.

we will all be history one day