This video is funny. Thanks Kate for sharing. You’ll be seeing more of her around these parts in the coming weeks. I’m off to the Stella Block party tonight with the girls. Gonna be a blast and it’s right around the corner. Woo hoo. Have an awesome night!

you missed this yesterday


Clearly people and interested! I’ve had heaps and heaps of questions about how I am using Spotify in Canada the last few weeks.

I was in the USA when Klout gave “influencers” a Klout perk last month. Everyone was like “WTF we can’t use our code in Canada, wahhhh, wahhhh”. I signed up thinking “I better get on this while I’m here since I go home in a few days blah blah blah”. When I got home, IT STILL WORKED. OMFG HEAD EXPLODE, MIND BLOWING. That’s how I have Spotify.

You can get it too, get curious and look it up yo!

  • Use a proxy, (If you want to go overkill try one made for accessing Piratebay, that’ll work really well)
  • Go to the USA and sign up there
  • Ask a friend online or offline to sign up an account for you

I’ve been totally loving it. Music is filling my house and the playlists are introducing me to beautiful sounds I’ve never heard before. One of my friends is an aspiring artist and she has a few songs coming out on Spotify soon so I cannot wait to give them a listen! She also told me that because the number of streams your tracks get is so important these days, she has considered buying some Spotify plays from the Get Fans website here: https://getfans.io/buy-spotify-plays. The music industry has always been very competitive, so it makes sense that people are looking for ways to give their songs a boost. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of what my Spotify account looks like.



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Panel on Panels at MaRS in Toronto

Last night’s panel discussion on panel discussions (meta) went really well. I was happy to chat a few people after who said they really learned something. Thanks to Johnny Bunning aka @emanintdot for snapping this photos of us. I forgot to get someone to take a few shots. Doh!

I love sharing things I’ve learned over the past few years. I’ve learned heaps about blogging, the social web and building your personal brand. I’ve been invited to speak at the She’s Connected Conference in the Fall that brings together all kinda of females in business. Hope to speak at more conferences in the coming year. I’m a natural on stage!

Although I love vacation, I really love working and it’s great to be back at my home office. It’s been a busy day with lots of phone calls. Planning some cool stuff for the next month. I wanna get in as many things as I can before the summer is over. I love this heat too. No chance of complaints from this lady!

I watched this again and I feel like Optimism Girl today. If you’re not smiling, you will be after you watch this. Enjoy the day 🙂

you missed this yesterday

if you missed it here it is.

Remember how I’ve been saying I wanna be on TV for the last few weeks (months)…
9ohzwy on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Mum ring me early this morning all excited after watching it online. Ben referred to me as “famed blogger Casie Stewart”.  Head explode! Name was spelled “Casey” for a second at the start but said they will make sure it’s fixed next time. There WILL be a next time. SM Expert FTW.

I love TV and the internet. Watch it here on CTV: Social media & the Royals.