Can I just make my Instagram my Facebook now?

Same, same.

Same, same, same.

Instagram, Facebook, Google+

Unified looks are here for social platforms and they have been changing right before your eyes.

Lauren is hosting a chat about the crazy Twitter election exploding with memes and lighting the internet on fire. I’m going to be at Medieval Times eating with my hands and friends. But not friends hands. Cause that’s gross? Thanks CBC for showing this ad for Lita’s at Nasty Gal. Clearly targeting advertising correctly, I was wearing a pair when I saw this. NASTY GAL STOP TAUNTING ME. Just kidding. I love.

Today is My Day and I’ll Do What I Want

What I want and need to do is spend time at home, alone! I’ve been heaps busy the last few weeks and my room is Hoarders waiting to happen, the vaccum is calling my name, and I have things to blog. The sun is out and my music is blaring as I dance around the house giving it a makeover.

Playlist: Modern Girls by Nicole Simone

I hope you are doing something wonderful today and taking advantage of the beautiful rays beaming down from the sky! It’s the first sunny day in over a WEEK! VITAMIN D I MISSED YOU!

You’ll never be younger than you are today, make the most of it.


Do You Pin or Tumble? iBoth.

I have 18 Pinterest boards and follow over 800 blogs on Tumblr. They are excellent ways to keep your mind fresh with ideas and inspire creativity. Last night I updated the cover photos on each of my Pinterest boards. I think they look so pretty now. Something I realllly love seeing is brands who use these well. They are great ways to visualize content and show creativity.

I also blogged some style photos on my Tumblr, OH CASIE. I’ve had that thing for years. I love it. Some great high fashion, constant gifs, and weird wonderful things. I have about 10 tumblr blogs but I don’t update them all, yet. Since I started blogging in 2005 I’ve started and stopped SO MANY blogs. My fav one I still update here and there is borderline artistic on blogspot, my drawing blog.



Money Awesomeness + Best Apps to Manage Moolah

In my most recent episode of THIS on Coral, I teamed up with Shannon Lee Simmons, host of Money Awesomeness, to review the best personal finance apps to help you manage your money. You may also want to check out sites online for helpful advice regarding your personal finances, like this one – Check out her top picks and watch us have a bunch of laughs together. It’s so much fun doing shows with the other Coral hosts. A hoot I tell ya!

Managing money isn’t easy, especially when it feels like you have tons of bills that need to be paid. Lots of folks often need tips to get your personal finances in order, as numerous people find themselves falling into debt because they can’t keep up with their expenses and the rise in the cost of living. Fear not, these apps and perhaps Credit Cards for No Credit can help you organize your finances whether you’re in debt or not.

Listed Apps:

Check out Shannon’s website for all kinds of tips on how to manage your finances. She really knows her stuff. Getting your finances in order lifts a HUGE burden, freeing your mind (and $$) to focus on other things. Whether it is choosing to fix your credit on your own or opting to speak to someone like a finance advisor, sorting out personal finances is really important, especially if this is an aspect in your life that causes a lot of stress.

About seven years ago, I was on W Network show called Maxed Out and didn’t know how to manage money or debt. Getting my finances in order made a huge difference and I finally paid off school last year.

In other news, my episode of Maxed Out is now playing on Oprah’s OWN Network! It airs next on Oct. 30th. OPRAH FTW!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you out. If you have any questions for Shannon about finances or me about apps, ask us on Twitter or in the comments on YouTube! Follow Shannon on Twitter @shanleesimmons and me @casiestewart.

Have an awesome day!


All things Coral:

THIS: Summer Tech Accessories & Apps

A brand new ep. of my show on Coral came out today. This week I’m sharing some of my fav gadgets for playing in the park and summer chilling. We had a big week for the channel passing 1,000 subscribers. Make sure you are one of them by visiting

Things in the Show: