Casie at Her Desk

Casie at Her Desk

I’ve been taking desky photos for years and today’s post is dedicated to two fun tumblr blogs by my internetty friends Kevin (@kevinjn) and Russ (@russless). Check out and for some animated fun of them, well, working.

The video below is from four years ago when I worked in Liberty Village at a software company. That was fun. I used to take heaps of desky shots. It’s a fun time capsule, THE INTERNET!

Hope the day is treating you well. Remember, you’ll never be younger than you are today so make the most of it!


Agility presents ‘Get Digital: Create Great Content’ at The Spoke Club

Agility presents ‘Get Digital: Create Great Content’ at The Spoke Club

I’ve been invited to speak with some of my industry peers about creating great content in an upcoming session at The Spoke Club. The event is hosted by Toronto based Agility, they works with media companies and brands to help maximize the value of their online content. Their philosophy, “create great content, build your audience, make more money.” Now that,  is something I can stand behind! Read more about the event on the Agility blog.

The event is free but you have to register! Visit this link and sign up. It’ll be a good discussion, trust me.


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Tech | Heart on for Social TV and Data Visualization

Tech | Heart on for Social TV and Data Visualization

If you didn’t see this video on social TV from Twitter check it out. Pretty neat data visualization.

I LOVE social TV. Something I’ve been really passionate about since working at a TV station a couple years ago. The magic of Twitter and TV fascinates me. I love real time communication, advertising, and interaction. I hope to work more in that space again one day.

Last year at Banff World Media Festival, social TV was such a hot topic. Here’s my episode on Coral TV where I chat about upcoming trends, these are all relevant one year later!

In other news, Vizify is a wicked way to visualize your social resume. Made this little ditty the other day. Cool eh!


Almost the weekend! HUZZAHHHHHHH! WEEEEE.


Don’t be late to the meme!

You know what I’m talking about. If your boss comes up to you says something about the ‘harlem shake’ you better it’hope it’s not about doing one, or you might as well Gangnam Style right out of the office.


We posted a b-l-o-g at work written by Dylan about people coming late to the meme. It’s basically THE WORST thing you can do for your company, office, or brand. You risk being known as ‘behind the times’ forever.

When it comes to memes, either get on that bus early or don’t get on at all.

The viral video game is all about speed.

Going “viral” is a funny thing. You can’t know if your video will ever go viral. You can’t plan for it to go viral. You can’t predict it will go viral. You can’t guarantee it will, or force it to go viral. The only thing you can ever really know about a viral video is that its popularity has faded. Eventually, everything viral dies. Goes six feet under. Kicks the bucket. Buys the farm.

Read it here: A VIRAL DEATH.

This is serious people.

In other news, we found a new guitar in the library and I am making Sean play it for me. He hasn’t played much lately and his fingers are hurting but he is so good at it. True Lies Romance.  (Good movie though!)


Your Fav Christmas Elf


Last day of work for the year is almost over.
We had an office pizza party.
Carli brought lil’ Fig, her dog into the office.
Thanks Bacardi Canada for sending a present!
The girls on my floor and I had a gift exchange, thanks for the goodies Kathleen.
I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow!

Cheers to the weekend! Woo hoo.


P.S Last at the Interaxon holiday party I used a MIND CONTROLLED BEEER TAP!