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I’m passionate about innovation. It’s what is driving us forward and building the future. Last week at Ford’s Go Further conference, innovation came up in every talk about technology, design, sustainability. At Banff World Media two weeks before, I introduced you to the concept INNOVATE OR DIE on my show. If you are not constantly innovating your business, yourself, your thoughts, you will be left behind. The title of my recent interview in TechVibes was ‘Survival of the Fittest’, you gotta focus on making yourself better.

Watch this video. You will be inspired:

We are living in an extraordinary time, ’embrace your inner trouble maker’. Let’s build a better future. NEVER STOP DREAMING.

The Future is Ours from Michael Marantz

My favorite line is ‘intellectually seductive’. That’s what I wanna be. I wanna stimulate your brain and make you think. I want to get your mind all riled up and excited. Cause movement in your corpus. Get your central nervous system going.

Thank you kindly to Julian Shenoy for tweeting me this. It was the first message I saw this morning and an AWESOME way to start the day.

I’m heading up to Sean’s cottage in Muskoka then to the park to see the Tragically Hip with some of my best friends. I’m so CANADIAN! I can’t WAIT!




“You kids waste so much time on that there Facebook.” Yeah GenY, THE INTERNET & entrepreneurs FTW!

German news gives FB thumbs up!

someecards.com - Happy 24 Hours of Constant Facebook Notifications Day

I’ll update this if something mind blowing happens like Facebook breaks the internet or the stock market crashes.

Trumped For The Very First Time

Had my first visit to the Toronto Trump Hotel in February and in honor of the Trump family cutting the ribbon for it’s official opening this week, heres a few photos from the Veet Pink Carpet event.

There was a performance by Lights, decadent hors d’oeuvres, pink desserts, champagne, and an Old Hollywood setting complete with Ms. Monroe. They had stylists on-hand for makeup and hair too. It was fun.

Before makeup w/ the lovely Catriona.

Love this Wes Anderson inspired photoshoot she posted.  Especially this photo. I foresee this in/as my future. So cute.  🙂

Ok aaaaaaand back to the event, Lights!

Sheena! Last time I saw her we were at YD Square hosting that super fun bouncy castle event with Koodonation.

Do you know what “microvolunteering” is? For my work that day Telus & Koodonation donated $20,000 to my chosen charity, Moving Windmills. A project that supports Malawian-run rural economic development by building windmills. Told that story a little bit here: Social Change Through the Social Web.

Marilyn! I SO want to wear this outfit.

My sister does an awesome throw back laugh light this.  HAHA. Love to see anyone laugh, even me!

Listening/watching this episode of Behind the Brand with Brian Solis. I’ve told you about everyone before. Did you know Pinterst is three years old? Bet you didn’t. I almost feel like I shouldn’t blog this but most of you wont even watch it. Digital Darwinism my friends.

Ok now, rushing to throw on heels, hat, jacket and make it to an event. Gonna get an Uber to pick me up!



Man I love this guy. Rick Mercer for the win. Imagine the government could peep in your comouter any second.t\ The first thing that it would kill in me is creativity. I love my computer and everyone has some things we don’t want to show others. Mercer’s confident us Canadians aren’t stupid enough to let the Tories peak into our hard drives without a warrant. He might just be right.

Like Rick said “that’s why we close our blinds at night”. Well done. Proud to be Canadian.

P.S. Check out these TOTALLY INSANE AWESOME book carvings. Yes, books.


I want a balloon tree. I always have.

The Balloon Tree by Phoebie Gilman was one of my favourite books as a child. We used to read heaps of books. Each summer Jenie and I would join the Summer Reading Club at the Preston library. I spent so much of my childhood at that place. I was either there, the dance studio, or gymnastics. I’m pretty sure I had my first reading by Robert Munsch at the Preston library.  I remember meeting Phoebie Gilman and having my photo taken with her. Authors were my celebrities back then.  When I wrote ‘Jeans: an anthology of poetry & prose‘ in 1996 we had our book launch there. We sold over 80 books that night and one dollar from the sale of each went to the Women’s Crisis Shelter.  It was a magical night. I’l never forget how good it feels sitting there signing your own book for a lineup of people. I’ve been (slowly) working on another  book. Write more, read more, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m a big believer in the power of positive thought and a few things I’ve been thinking about lately are libraries and speaking. Not necessarily together but in general. The crazy thing is, I got an email from Marketing Magazine asking me to speak at an event next month and guess where it is? A LIBRARY. My favourite library in the city, Toronto Reference. We’re talking youth culture and the founder of VICE Magazine will also be there talking about The Creators Project between Vice & Intel. I’ve been a Vice fan for about ten years and have a diploma in marketing so this is all quite exciting. THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN’T DO.

The Creators Project is really cool and well, CREATIVE.

“I have always imagined that Paradise

will be a kind of library.”

Jorge Luis Borges quotes (Argentinian Poet and Essayist, 1899-1986).


It’s a trending on twitter and it’s making news. Is this the war of 2012?  The war we knew was coming but nobody predicted exactly what because it wasn’t invented then. What if it sneaks up one day, like Sunday and ALL OF A SUDDEN… I can’t even imagine… Just think about how ANGRY and LOST you would be if you didn’t have your Internet life, love, freedom? Would I die? I might.

I know I’m being dramatic but when I think about it, it seems like a 2012 movie that I’m IN, happening in real time, right now

I don’t know much about hacking but ‘Largest Attack Ever‘ are big words.  Four peeps linked to Megaupload were arrested in New Zealand and are now being denied bail. Keri knows all about hacking and online security so naturally I went to her blog. Found this post:

You NEED to Care About SOPA and PIPA

We can’t vote in Canada on this, we’re counting on you big time, American friends! January 24 – please vote.

Sh*t is going down right now! Those feds would shut this blog down in a hot second. I’m not in the USA but I’m sure they could make me stop publishing. The internet doesn’t have boundaries the way countries do. I have seven years of links and content at least. (Back up your blog!) Youtube has the most crazy comments but that’s why it seems like this is a movie. Scary thing is this IS REAL.

Random Comments from this Video:

  • People will commit suicide, lose their jobs, and all hell would break loose if that bill passes. WTF congress?! Why censor our fucking internets?! Navyisgreat476
  • Mayans: 2012 = end of the world, 2012: pricks in congress try to censor web= end of the world “wide web” damn those mayans were right! Sarah3B247
  • This comment wins: I want Pipa Middleton, not Pipa Sopa!!! RioDeVick


If you want to put a STOP SOPA on your profile you can do it quick & easy at blackoutsopa.org. No matter what the outcome is with this attempt to censor the internet, things will never be the same.