Global News at Noon: Money tips for Millennials

Global News at Noon: Money tips for Millennials

I was recently included in a press release with TD for a study they did about millennials and money. They found that kids like us are better off if we see a financial advisor. When they called me about the study I said I agree 100%. About 5 years ago I set out a payment plan with a financial advisor to pay back my $30K. My goal was to be debt free by the time I turned 30 and I DID IT. I blogged about it recently here.

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It’s almost hard to believe this actually happened because there was a long stretch there where I wondered how I was ever gonna pay back my school and credit cards (from school). I honestly and sincerely encourage you to talk to a financial advisor because there’s nothing like having control over your debt instead of it controlling you. From millennial home buyers to millennials in the workplace, there are many stereotypes that the previous generation have on people in this age group, which isn’t always true. Although times are hard for this generation, it won’t get an better unless you decide to take charge!

Here’s me on Global news at noon today with Faisal Yousuf from TD Bank.

Millennials and money the two don’t always mix so well. The generation is often accused of mismanaging funds and wasteful spending. So we’ve brought in TD Canada’s Faisal Yousef, and blogger Casie Stewart to offer some solutions to gen y’s money woes.

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Our Toronto on CBC | The Influencers w/ Dianne Buckner

Our Toronto on CBC | The Influencers w/ Dianne Buckner

This week I shot a segment for a show on CBC with the host of Dragons Den, Dianne Buckner. The show is CBC’s ‘Our Toronto’ and it airs nationally across Canada Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings. A segment from this very ‘Our Toronto’ episode also appeared on The National at 6pm & 11pm over the weekend.

Watch It Here





* Found this post in Drafts, it’s about setting goals and writing things down.  I wrote is January 2012, I said I wanted to go to England and that same year i went in December. Proof writing things down really works! Get a good sleep tonight and roll into the office tomorrow with a smile on your face. 🙂 xo CASIE

Watching Helvetica right now. This movie is so good. I want to go to Germany. I love the accents and style. I want to go to England too. Tattoos and travelling are totally addictive. So is documenting.

The space between wanting to do something and doing it starts with writing it down. I always write things down. Get a pen from your damn drawer and write it down. I’ve definitely accomplished more goals that were written down vs. not written down.

That’s all for now.

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Canada’s Marketing and Innovation Conference – The Art of Marketing

Canada’s Marketing and Innovation Conference – The Art of Marketing

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I’ve attended The Art of Marketing for the past few years. Of all the conferences that go down in our great city, this is by far one of my favourites  They consistently get great speakers and I always leave feeling inspired and full of knowledge.  The lineup for 2013 is no exception!

The Art of Marketing 2013 – Speakers

  • Biz Stone – cofounder of Twitter and named one of the world’s most influential people by Time magazine.
  • Seth Godin – Bestselling author of LinchPin, Tribes and Purple Cow.
  • Charles Duhigg – New York Times reporter and bestselling author of The Power of Habit

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The Perks of Being an Influencer

Today a special edition of Marketing Magazine came out and it’s all about social media! If you turn to page 28, you’ll see a one pager titled “The Perks of Being an Influencer” and it’s all about me. (Note yesterday’s post about the film!)


It details some of the campaigns I’ve been a part of over the last few years and a bit about my new role at Community as Director of Social Media. Thank you Marketing Magazine for featuring me! Photo was shot by the wonderful Steve Carty.

This was the line for my autograph…



Was happy to attend the Marketing Mag Social Media Conference on behalf of Community.  Caught an awesome talk by Lauren O about memes & webculture and heard Erin Bury speak about ‘what’s next’ for the web. Thanks Russ Martin for writing my feature and  to Grant LeRiche (TubeMogul) for my ticket (both below).


Go pick up a copy if you are interested in the internet AT ALL. It’s full of great features about the web, bloggers, social media, and of course marketing!


It’s All About Me: I am in a documentary.

Earlier this year I was filmed for a documentary called ‘It’s All About Me‘ directed by Antoine Gaber (LA/Toronto). The first trailer is now online and HERE IT IS. The film is all about GenY and technology. I always get nervous when something I’m in comes out. Gah! It’s getting submitted to festivals around the world later this month. My scenes were filmed at Darren Kwik Studio and Bicyclette Boutique on Queen in March 2012. I can’t wait to see the whole thing next year. MY FACE ON THE BIG SCREEN GUISEEEEE! Show your love Like for the film on Facebook/itsallaboutmemovie.