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Omg Seriously. The Biz Media Epic Meal Time last night was epicly awesome. Say hello to the Bacon Volcano. Bacon strips & cheese & bacon strips & bacon strips.

Chocolate bacon cake.

Big thanks to the lovely miss who brought the Tums. I’m thankful for you.

Was a beautiful night for a patio party.

Biz Media consistently throws the best parties. Wicked crowd there last night. Heaps of people I knew & lots I didn’t. Makes for a fun time, I love meeting new people.

The man who delivers me a dozen bacon roses. ILU. These were so tasty.

Heaps of props for the photobooth. The photos are gonna be so funny. Bacon in the tree too.

Bacon everywhere actually.

I missed this one but wow, probs was delish.

Epic Meal Time guys are rad. This one is so huge, like giant. I want one of those &baconstrips shirts guys. Fo realz.

Thank you to the Biz Media team & Guy Gal. You know mama loves you.

Heaps of friends in this crowd.

I’ve never seen/ate so much bacon at one time.

We really got into it too.

Two girls, one bacon.


CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT. Video was made & posted by Rannie aka @photojunkie.

thanks for last night

Friends, ILU. So many photos to share. Have a lunch event today & will get to blogging in the arvo.

Thank you to Pepsi Canada for an awesome time last night. It was my pleasure to host so many friends at a venue I have had many (MANY) good times at.

Enjoy the day!

if you don’t vote you can’t say sh*t.

I mean in the election. I don’t care WHO you vote for just vote. People fought for our right to have a say, some people in the world don’t have that opportunity. Enough on that for now. I don’t EVEN wanna get started.

The whole reason I was REALLY talking about voting is for two reasons.

First: If you click on this photo and vote for me WE win $250 at ticketmaster gift card. If I win, I will buy someone tickets to something. Bummer is you have to sign up so if you don’t feel like it, no prob. BTW, I was like,  super kawaii last night.

Second: We can make Shawn Hawaii’s DREAMS COME TRUE by voting for him in the BMW contest. If you haven’t seen this video yet, you’ll like it. Super cute & fun 🙂 #teamhawaii. It takes ONE click to vote vote for him so if  you don’t do it, are we even FRIENDS?

Couple more things, my friend Mark (aka @MHP) new app GUARDLY will be in CBC news tonight. (Mentioned him the the earlier post today. ) AND my client Shelly Purdy is in Wedding Bells Magazine today too.


Fashion Connect Toronto – #FCTO

Got there early & was hoping for a packed house.

Started to fill up FAST!

View from the stage is fun. Love taking these pano shots.

For info in the panelists and the event see xconnectto.com. Follow the peeps on Twitter here: @soniyamonga @theflist @jumaonline @aditya8020 @shopabletv @wearethirdocean.

My shoes: Aldo. Outfit was from Bicyclette, posted about it yesterday if you missed it.

I was tweeting DURING the panel replying to people. MHP was like “who is tweeting for Casie”. Nobody tweets for me! (reminded of ‘nobody puts baby in a corner’ for some reason)

Glasses from friends at Rightsleeve. I am a SUPER HERO: Super Blogger/Lady Blogga.

Hey LEESA! Super cute. We blondes get along so well.

Told everyone to say HI! HI FRIENDS!

Skipped to the loo and met this beautiful lady named Jean. I imagine I will be kinda like her when I grow up (if I ever do).


Love the many settings on this Olympus camera (XZ-1 is my new party cam). I fell back on the step ofter I took this shot, didn’t see it. Bruised my booty too.

OMG THIS IS AMAZING. You seen it yet?

You know I am a BIG HUGE fan of Shawn Hawaii. He’s in the Ultimate Blogger contest for BMW and THIS IS SO HIM. He needs to win, they would be CRAY-CRAY not to pick him.

Watch his video, vote here with one click. You can vote erry day, let’s help him WIN this thang!