The last time I did a phone stack at a meeting/dinner was GENYTO meeting meeting at The Pilot May 27, 2009 (having a blog is a great!). Was reading a post on the Kempt blog about getting together with friends. He said that when he meets with friends/colleagues they all put their phones int he middle and as htey all vibrate and make noise, you must rist the temptation to reach for your phone and if you do you have to pay.

I posted this pic in 2009 and now I know it’s called a “phonestack”. Duhhhhh! Think I’m gonna make it a game with my friends this week. Knowing me, I’ll be the first loser to reach for the phone and burn myself at my own game. LMK if you give it a try and if you win. I don’t recommend trying it with parents.

Toronto Rebels Unite.

Lozzie and I are on stage callin’ numbers for bad kids Rebel Bingo with James Flames tonight….kinda like this:

You should probably get a ticket. If you miss it, well, you’re probably not that cool anyways. Check Lauren’s bloggy for more secret details. Tickets here.

In other sexy, rebel news, the Youtube takeover went live today for the Durex Savvy Lover campaign AND the documentary features Raymi! Nice work to all the peeps behind the campaign! I worked with Brand Momentum as a copywriter for Durex earlier this year and some of my topics included ‘Turning your walk of shame into a stride of pride” and ‘manscaping’. Super fun stuff to write about!

Get some freaky Friday tips from four of Durex’s ‘sexperts’ on the Durex FB here. The FB app uses Pinpoint Social, Daniel’s company, fancy huh?!

And finally, the most beauty marriage ad I’ve seen that, yes, brought tears to my eyes. (MUM, BOB, don’t get any ideas about ME! Just watch it!) It really IS time. Thanks to Andrew Stewart, my digital brother for sharing. Can’t wait till his wedding one day. ♥

Off to the postie to pick up a package then to mee Lau in Kensington, then to rehearsal. I hope it’s shoes or the camera I’ve been waiting for!

You will be older tomorrow so BE YOUNG TODAY!

My City Lives LOVES!

Yesterday I downloaded the new iPhone app from my friends at My City Lives. It’s an awesome & forever growing collection of people, places, things & thoughts from around out great city of Toronto. If you check out my first THIS IS MY LIFE blog on blogspot you will learn that “people, places, things & thoughts” was how I defined my blog in ‘an attempt to keep more memories’.

Check out this awesome vid MCL published today followed by some screen shots from their new app. Download it free from app store here & get sharing 🙂

Canada’s Android Conference

Stopped by AndroidTO today at 99 Sudbury and was happily greeted by a little green Android, a familiar face. Met some new people, saw old friends. Had a preview of the new My City Lives app and heard from the bNotions guys that MY APP is almost ready. This excites me 🙂

Just finished filming a promo for a friends client with Jason Howlet who is a total babe. Our roles were BF & GF. We make a cute couple, eh?