never dancing on my own when i’m w/ you

Went to Robyn at Echo Beach w/ Raymi & Teach Friday night.

It was awesome. Echo Beach is a new fully outdoor venue inside the Molson Amphitheatre. Stoked to hit that up a bunch this summer. Close to home & cool outdoor spot. Total win.

Raymi Teach & I had VIP. Beauty sky.

Girl you know it’s true. Glitteratzi graffiti.

Love our downtown airport. Toronto is such a cool city.

Got ready at Raymi & Teacher’s place. Left my mark there too 😉

New kicks, ILU. Dr.Martens were the shoe of choice last night.

Hey Teacher.

Ran into my boy Ish. We were in American Pie together years ago. Ran into his GF that time at Bicyclette.

Hi Gay Bachelor Blog!

It went dark and we danced.

A little more over here.

Robyn was great. She’s so cute, blonde & little. Love her!

Speaking of cute & blonde. heh heh

Tan is coming along nicely. Think I lost a few LBs too.

This Olympus camera (xz-1) takes super high quality photos. HD CLEAR.


Raymi you have lovely lady hands. Mine look like childs.

Want us to come glitter & glam up your event/concert/whatever? Email Enjoy the day!


Made this today w/ Raymi the Minx. Enjoy. Das funny.


This afternoon I’m heading back to Centennial College with my (digital) brother Andrew Stewart. We’re chatting a PR & Digital Media class about social media and our lives.

I love this city!

Andrew works at Strategic Objectives PR and is going to discuss social media from an agency perspective. He was the brains behind the NYE weekend in Montreal this past December. I’ll be speaking about how I built up a big following, grew my network and turned something I truly love into my job, living an exciting, positive life!

I walk on glitter BTW.

Reckon imma plank in the classroom. I bet they will think it’s funny. Maybe we can group plank? That would be way cool. Yeah I said ‘way cool’ dude.

Ok ttys. Love you.

models, moguls, movers & shakers

I was featured on the Modls Moguls blog today. They said all kinds of nice things about me. Read it here.

“Don’t be fooled by her funky style and big smile, Casie Stewart means business. Recognized for her Social Media savvy, Casie’s list of accomplishments in 2010 alone reads like the ultimate resume.”

How amazing is this shot I took this morning at Cherry Beach. Perfect form!


she does the city royal high tea at windsor arms

Special guests.


Lauren, Raymi, Anna

Windows 7 presentation (didn’t pay much attention, was busy talking shop aka internet)

Photos. Blogging. Meta.

Food at Windsor Arms – tres fantastique. I indulged.

A fair bit…

Rolled sandwiches – genius!

Got into these too. So yum.

Lookin’ good ladies. Out table was full of cutie pies.

Thanks Jen for the invite. It was lovely to see all the ladies together and gab over high tea. See the whole set of photos from She Does the City on Facebook here.

Ta-ta for now!

somebody cover this bunny in chocolate! ♥

Happy Easter, long weekend & Sunday Funday. I don’t really celebrate but I AM celebrating myself  today by cleaning my room and going to the spa with a friend. I also love dressing & and having fun. Gonna wear these all day 🙂