TFC game was awesome, you should have been there

Pure awesomism at the Toronto FC game Saturday. It was seriously 10. EPIC. Look at this badass crew on the field…

Group photos are so fun, lets do more of that ok. I loved seeing everyone IRL, it was a first meeting for a bunch of us.

I had been REALLY excited ALL day week. Being there DURING world cup, priceless.

This is my fav cheer “when the reds go marching in”. SUCH good energy. TFC games have THE BEST fans.

I tried to pay attention to the game but was totally distracted by the funnest crowd ever.

We got to go right down to the field as VIP’s with total babe as an escort (not me, the TFC guy on the left beside Michael).

Chatted Jonathan about doing it again so don’t worry, you can come then.

I was obvs prepped for the rain. This guy was prepped to cheer on!

Michael was the ONLY guy with brolly for the downpour. They’re not allowed at games but somehow, he got away with it. Must be the charm or good looks?

It was a tie and the crowd still cheered their faces off outside. It was stellar.

We were hangin’ @ Liberty Bistro for a while after the game. God it was so fun. The owner  and I go way back to when I used to work in Liberty Vill so he hooked us up with sweet table etc. Love that little spot.

Before we got table, we had hedge.

There are about 30 photos from the night in this web album TFC 2010. I can’t WAIT to go again. SO FUN.

Have a great day!


  1. June 28, 2010 / 9:09 am

    Crazy Awesome time last night!

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