things like this make it not seem so bad

Surprise write up about me & social media in a Geek Girl feature from Two Geeks and a BlogBob who wrote it said “Holy cow!  Casie Stewart may be a Jedi!” and quoted Star Wars. He also quoted “a blog is an engine” which was really nice because I like that one and it didn’t even get any comments.

Found these today too. Didn’t know they existed, Search Stories from Google. This is called Newbie, it’s a grandma embracing technology.

Oh Google, always warming my heart. You know just how to talk nerdy to me. You press all the right buttons.

I’ve decided not to be so upset about my stuff, shit happens.  No sense wasting time feeling sorry for myself. I’ll get it sorted this week and you never know, it just might turn up. 

when i put them on it’s business time

The little girl beside me is Irish and with her parents. She’s staring outside the window preying with every breath to capture a glimpse of the Jonas Brothers. She’s talking about Vanessa and their bus and I’m reminded of when I was young.

I had those teen Bop posters of Joey Lawrence and Johnny Depp all over my walls. After that phase  I graduated to drawing all over my walls with quotes and thoughts and messages from friends when they came over. Mum let me do it; creative expression. Thank you.

I watched the number 23 last night and he drew all over the walls too.  “The bus!” she shouts, this little girl is so cute. Where’s my little business phone? Gah, I lose it a few sometimes a day. I wear my eyeglasses to help me concentrate. It usually works. So far so good. Two cops in full uniform sat down beside me. I stare at the gun he doesn’t notice. Good. Someone else sat down and their cologne overpowers the sweet smell of coffee, not good cologne either, something cheap.

They’re playing house music on Sunday afternoon. I wear my earphones to concentrate  too, although I’m not playing any music. It’s quite chilly today.

This week I got prescription glasses in the mail from GlassesUSA. Thanks guys!

socialnomics? does that make you a socialnomist?

Sprung out of bed and yawned out loud, the sun was on my face. Slugged to the kitchen, to the loo, not yet in a race. My mind, it slipped me…such good sleep! I saw the clock, I was in SHOCK… I was nearly late!

For brunch today, I was graced with the lovely presence of British, Bangs and a Bun writer Muireann Carey-Campbell. I pulled up to see her locking her bike up in a cute blue dress, bangs and a bun and all.

It’s one of the hottest days so far, I wore the Edie dress.  Gah, I’d rather bike in my bathing suit. We had some damn good laughs over brekky. Looking forward to reading about he life in NY and Japan.

I’m waiting for friends to come over and go swimming. The air is like a thick brick cloud and it sticks to you when you walk through it.

This video has been circulating on Twitter today and I found it to be quite interesting.

it’s not always easy but it’s always fun

“i can’t write today somethings wrong i can’t smile today life is a sad song my heart hurts so does my foot in my shoe, today is a sad day without you. “

This is a little poem published in my book in 1996. I’m working on getting that site up so you can see all the good stuff I did when I was a teeny-bopper. It runs through my head when I get writers block, prime example…today.

I hate the days when I have so many thoughts I can’t even get them down. If I have to think too much about what to write I save a draft and start something new and random then see where it goes.  I’ve composed three today. My mind is racing with excitement about projects and a few other things. I’m really looking forward to Wired Wednesday tonight. I feel like I weird Wednesday right now.  Didn’t bike today, my dress is too pretty.

Dating: UK men vs Canadian men from Muireann Carey-Campbell on Vimeo.

I’ve met some really rad girls in the TO blogging scene. I want to share a video of Muireann from Bangs and Bun. I watched it today and I have a crush on her accent. We’re having brunch Sunday and I’m gonna let her do most of the talking!

Exploring Cycling from KeriCDN on Vimeo.

Keri  is the Canadian Explorer and I love reading about her adventures. Karly writes ‘Oh, hey there‘ a Tumblr blog. The girls have all become my friends on Twitter and I enjoy reading their blogs.  Check ’em out!

the likeness of man but more than average

She said I want to make a Frankenstein man, one with all different parts that’s mix of all the best parts. I laughed. I agreed, I’d like to make that kind of man too. The sun sun is really bright today. Drove with Sabrina and taking the train after work. Via rail for the first time.
Girls weekend away. Much needed, much deserved. I got the same cup today, the one about being mislead as a child. I think that day was a Friday too. I like Friday’s and Saturday’s and  I like Sunday’s even more. I’m still using mouse on left hand, home and work, tennis elbow aches have been the worst this week. More than it has been in a while. Tony Pierce told me it might be stress, now I think he’s right.
Last I recorded  12seconds a few times and posted a few things to my tumblr blog. It’s called Oh Casie, I think you’ll like it. It’s a big mix of all the shit I see on the internet.  Kinda like that spot in your house where you empty your pockets after a night out and then find that stuff again later.  For me, usually near the front door or bedroom table.  First time taking the train, oh the luxury of having wireless and the ability to order a drink. God I’m lucky. Thank you. Let’s go weekend, I’m ready for ya.

xylophones and zebras

i don’t always have coffee but sometimes i do. i make patterns in some things and avoid them in others. i like to avoid doing things in sequence that seem predictable. like smoking for example. i rarely smoke at work or during the day. not that it makes it any better. i love croissants. plain. butter. i don’t mind so much when it rains.

it’s like winter, you have to dress for it.  wellies are obvious.  sabrina said ‘you have so many’ rain jackets. that’s because when it rains i get sad sometimes and when i have a nice jacket to wear i shift my perception that day and go ‘yes! i get to wear my rain coat’.

it’s about perception. thunder roar and lightning bolt. when i was studying kabbalah i learned about shifting how i traditionally look at things and seeing them from different angles. when you step outside your comfort level or normal behavior and look at things differently, you create open space for positivity in your life.  you just gotta stay focused.  you just gotta stay focused.

this is what my cup said today, so true.

the way i see it #297

When I was young I was mislead by flash cards

into believing that xylophones and

zebras were much more common.